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  1. claussclocks

    Looking to help someone in Jackson TN

    I cleaned and repaired a Seth Thomas#2 for a customer who moved from Texas to Jackson Tennessee area. In the move something minor seems to have happened. I don't know if the cable is fouled or something slipped. He has checked for crossed hands, so thats not it. Anyone know someone who does...
  2. claussclocks

    Need Weight Advice

    ThankYou. I will try that and keep this trick for down the road. DPC
  3. claussclocks

    Need Weight Advice

    This is a customer's clock. It's anEnglish Pub clock. Hard to tell from photo due to lack of reference points but it is over 5 ft tall. In shipping from England the weight and winder were lost. The winder is not a problem but does anyone have a feel for what size weight would be good. This...
  4. claussclocks

    Makers mark

    Thank You. I thought it might be DPC
  5. claussclocks

    Makers mark

    Does anyone recognize this German mark? I know it's familiar but can't find it so far in my references. Sorry for image quality. This is the only one I have and no access to take a betters shot DPC
  6. claussclocks

    Russian Timepiece from Submarine(?)

    I worked on one recently that might have been the real thing. It was acquired by a gentleman who had been a field office agent for a U.S. newspaper in Russia, He got it while there in the 70's or early 80's. It looked different from the one pictured. It had a porthole type screw down cover...
  7. claussclocks

    Weight driven banjo question

    I have had good success using the Kevlar line. I usually use it on clocks that had black thread on the weights. I still like brass myself but the Kevlar line does work well and look good. DPC
  8. claussclocks

    French A Vedette Carillon

    I really like the Vedette's. I have 5 of them and they have some of the best chimes I know. At least in my opinion. I have one that looks like yours but the case was in a lighter possibly oak DPC
  9. claussclocks

    Unknown Trademark

    An associate of mine recently sent me this picture of a trademark on a mantel clock that was unfamiliar to him. I have not found anything on it either. Does anyone watching know anything about it. It strongly resembles a Star of David and the cross in the star looks very Swiss in design but...
  10. claussclocks

    Porcelain in For Repair

    Does anyone recognize this maker or movement. I am not familiar with it. Customer wanted any information I might be able to give about it. DPC
  11. claussclocks

    Disney and New Haven Do Not Mix

    I have a rather extensive background in solvent and chemicals. I intend to experiment with removing the paint with a non aggressive plan first. My intention is to do the small basket first. It is small and easily manipulated. I will move on to the larger one if I have success. I just can't...
  12. claussclocks

    Disney and New Haven Do Not Mix

    I went to an estate sale this week and found this New Haven "Flower Girl" for a very good price. However, the people for whom this sale had been held were avid Disney fans. There were many posters, figurines, and plush toys of Disney characters. I wish they had stopped there. Someone got the...
  13. claussclocks

    EN Welch question

    I don't know who to point you to but I have encountered people who have had things copied by 3D printers that are remarkably good. Maybe someone else can help or you might Google the topic and who does such work for hire in your area. DPC
  14. claussclocks

    Your opinions on Gilbert clocks?

    I am quite pleased with the Gilbert clocks I have. Some of their mantel clocks use a very pleasant sounding "cathedral gong". The cracking cannon pinion is a known issue but also occurs with Ingraham clocks. However, when you stop to think about it when this pinion fails most of these clocks...
  15. claussclocks

    Vedette wall clocks - case styles

    I have considered if we could find someone who has one and would trust us to return it copying the chime drum pattern and converting a standard Vedette Westminster. It uses the same bar set. Not perfect nor true to form but it would work. DPC
  16. claussclocks

    Vedette wall clocks - case styles

    Familiar with the advertising slogan for John Deere tractors, "Nothing runs like a Deere!" Well, "Nothing sounds like a Vedette!!" DPC
  17. claussclocks

    Erhard Jauch Uhrenfabrik

    That was 49 years and 11 months too long considering how I feel about Jauch movements DPC
  18. claussclocks

    New here. Clock rescued from the dumpster.

    Willie is correct. The Sessions clicks are their Achilles heel. More than once I have repaired a Sessions and had the click fail post repair with no apparent sign of failure. They are not difficult to replace but their failure rate is notable. On the flip side, Nice Save! I hate to see any...
  19. claussclocks

    Herschede clock identification

    I agree with WillieX. It is looks like one of the later Herschede. However, I was surprised recently when I went on a service call to find one of these with a Kieninger movement. It's too bad they didn't use them universally. I don't care for Jauch movements. In my opinion they were not as...
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