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  1. S.Humphrey

    Can anyone give me some pointers for a very a stubborn cylinder escapement?

    Hi Graham! I'm afraid I might have posted prematurely. I think I figured it out. Perseverance is the answer, I guess. Best regards, Steve
  2. S.Humphrey

    Can anyone give me some pointers for a very a stubborn cylinder escapement?

    It's an FHF 18.5. I'd very much like to get it running proper as it's a family heirloom, but I've fairly thrown the book at it by now and it's still not right.
  3. S.Humphrey

    Peseux 7046 servicing - incabloc jewels - advice on how to reseat anti-shock spring hinge

    Hi Andy, Keeping the rodico handy is a good idea. It sounds like you are on the right track. I would try taking the cap jewel out while you get the hinge side of the spring set into position. Then put the jewel in and the the two fingers lock under the lips of the setting. They are usually...
  4. S.Humphrey

    I am definitely not using my ultrasonic cleaner correctly (novice)

    Ultrasonic machines are not for cleaning watch movements. Together, or apart. They are typically far to aggressive for the delicate parts in a watch and are only used to clean specific, robust components, like the case. This video from Chronoglide is very instructive, I think. I hope it's ok to...
  5. S.Humphrey

    Is there a good substitute for Seiko 8122A?

    Thank you very much, Alex.
  6. S.Humphrey

    Weird cap jewel -- M. I. Tobias, Liverpool

    Cracked jewels are very bad. I'd say not passable if you expect to run it at all. Which, given that you are doing all this work on it, I presume you want it to run. Not only can each of those cracks have very sharp microscopic shears, but they also will draw the oil away from the pivot. No...
  7. S.Humphrey

    Is there a good substitute for Seiko 8122A?

    I don't usually do anything with quartz watch, but it's for a friend and has sentimental value for him. His watch has a discontinued 8122A that I would determine to be totally fubar. It's had an exploded battery in there for a long time. What can I replace that with?
  8. S.Humphrey

    Sharpening pegwood.

    I wouldn't ever sharpen my pegwood on abrasives. It's virtually a sure thing that you are going to have microscopic abrasive particles embedded in the wood, and that is very bad for a jewel. Plus, it's been mentioned already, but facets are key. I have, on the other hand, also used an...
  9. S.Humphrey


    Haha! Well done. :-)
  10. S.Humphrey

    Mechanical WW Swiss pocket watch, timing/troubleshooting

    Well, I'm happy to report that I finally managed to get this one up and running tops again! As well as all the problems above, I think the collet was worse than I thought, AND the balance staff itself was loose. With those problems addressed, it seems to be running great. Thank you all so...
  11. S.Humphrey

    Cleaning..what can be used

    Making the leap from using whatever bs I could get from the hardware store, auto parts store, grandpa's shelf or Walmart, to using professional cleaners specific to the task was one of the best decisions I've made in my watch escapades. Big difference! It's the right tool for the job.
  12. S.Humphrey


    What a relief to hear it's not just me. I find it very frustrating sometimes, I try to be so careful, and then. . .PING! A screw or something pops out of my tweezers and flies out into the room somewhere. For me, I'm just hoping to buy or build a proper watch desk sometime soon, with extra high...
  13. S.Humphrey

    American PW Too much endshake. Whats up?

    Hi guys, Thank you both. It was actually so dirty when I pulled it out that I thought it was broken off completely. After cleaning it I realized it was actually still there, just so mangled. I had already sourced new ones so I figured it was probably beyond help and even if, it would be...
  14. S.Humphrey

    American PW Too much endshake. Whats up?

    Hi LarFure, That is an interesting proposition, but not the case here unfortunately. I have seen paper or other shims in there a few times but don't believe I have encountered "pig ears" yet. So I will be armed now with this information when I do. Thank you. I have an old vintage Elgin...
  15. S.Humphrey

    American PW Too much endshake. Whats up?

    Ok. Thanks guys. After close examination under the microscope it appears that what was in my bottle was not in fact #869. I didn't have the exact length that 869 was supposed to be and just did a side by side visual comparison but presumed it was, and it was so close in profile and size I...
  16. S.Humphrey

    American PW Too much endshake. Whats up?

    I've been working recently on a 1930's era Elgin wristwatch. Grade 464. I replaced a cracked cap jewel on top the balance cock, put a new hairspring and a new balance staff in it. All correct original nos Elgin parts used, but now I have a tremendous amount of endshake that I can't seem to...
  17. S.Humphrey

    American PW Waltham 14 size chronograph missing parts ??

    Hi Frank, Do any of these shots help? The gilt one has some makeshift parts in it, clearly, but it still may be a useful image. It's the only one I have with one out of the case.
  18. S.Humphrey

    Fear and loathing on the hairspring trail

    Dave, that looks like a great tool. What I'd really like are some optics that give me about 100x from like 12 inches away. Can that happen? It just seems very difficult for me to see AND have room to get in there with tweezers at the proper angles.
  19. S.Humphrey

    Mechanical WW Swiss pocket watch, timing/troubleshooting

    Peter, thank you sO much for your expertise! That is very helpful. And everyone else as well. You are all very gracious with your knowledge. Thank you. I believe I see now exactly how and where it is out of sorts and with a little practice I might be ready to have a go at it soon. I will post...
  20. S.Humphrey

    Mechanical WW Swiss pocket watch, timing/troubleshooting

    Hi Graham! Oh and I wanted to say, yeah. Moire' effect. Weird, I thought though. For all the photos inclusive of hairsprings I've taken, I've never noticed that before. I had run it sans dial for a few days and had the same results. It sounds like I may have the tools for fixing up the...
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