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  1. Old Rivers

    ibm/itr pendulum.... mercury?

    Bruce, I never attempted to dismantle my pendulum as it appeared to be in pristine condition. So I cannot comment on disassembly. When I carefully tipped the pendulum sideways the resultant displacement of the mercury was felt distinctly. Since no leaks were evident, no need to fix something...
  2. Old Rivers

    ibm/itr pendulum.... mercury?

    Bruce, Yours is a twin to my model 16-7. Yes it IS mercury compensated. Very cool clocks! Bill
  3. Old Rivers

    Chelsea No. 1 inquiry

    Thanks Bruce! Bill
  4. Old Rivers

    Chelsea No. 1 inquiry

    I would like to know the date of manufacture of a Chelsea No. 1 pendulum clock movement. Thanks, Bill
  5. Old Rivers

    gustav becker p64

    You might want to consider this: Suspension Spring 12-Piece Assortment ( I bought this assortment a while ago and have used several of the suspension springs to repair various German clocks. The replacement spring assembly doesn't have to be an exact match to the original as...
  6. Old Rivers

    German beehive clock - looking for info.

    Isaac, In your earlier post you state, " The chime barrel for the HH is hollow, while the H 1/2 movement's chime barrel is solid. " FYI my H 1/2 chime barrel is hollow... also your chime hammer springs and suspension spring arrangement are significantly different from mine... Thanks again, Bill
  7. Old Rivers

    German beehive clock - looking for info.

    Isaac, Thanks for the info, it is appreciated! Sorry I missed your previous post, thanks for the link. Agree with you about the coiled gongs. I especially like the strike gong, it is surprisingly deep and sonorous. One annoyance, there seems to be no chime correction feature on this movement...
  8. Old Rivers

    German beehive clock - looking for info.

    Hi, I did remove the small plate held on by two screws. Underneath there are no markings - just blank plate. Bill
  9. Old Rivers

    German beehive clock - looking for info.

    Recently finished overhauling this German Westminster chime clock. The movement has no manufacturer's markings I am aware of. I would appreciate any comments re. who manufactured this clock, and when. Thanks! Bill
  10. Old Rivers

    clock listing red flags

    Reminds me of the pile on the "FREE" tables at last year's Dallas, TX Regional :) Bill
  11. Old Rivers

    Dial Silvering Question

    Jim, What's your practice for restoring the color in the recessed numerals ? Bill
  12. Old Rivers

    Need help identifying vienna antique clock

    Not sure about the manufacturer, but the weight pulleys are missing. Bill
  13. Old Rivers

    American Who sez I don't appreciate modern clocks??

    The article also mentions a "cant dog". I thought this tool was called a "peavey" ? Bill
  14. Old Rivers

    need advice...

    Bruce, Looks like you now have just enough room to display a giant Tramp Art cigar clock. :) Bill
  15. Old Rivers

    Clock Value Vienna Regulator

    VERY nicely done! Bill
  16. Old Rivers

    Replacement hands for Vienna regulator

    Here you go: alan21036 on eBay Received these around 20 days after placing my order. Bill
  17. Old Rivers

    Replacement hands for Vienna regulator

    Recently I acquired a nice Vienna clock in decent shape except for the hands. The minute hand's tail was broken off, and the hour hand was ratty-looking. Timesavers offers VR hands that work OK, but only in one style. Other than finding original hands in decent condition I was not aware of any...
  18. Old Rivers

    Cuckoo Single Weight Cuckoo Clock

    Your photo speaks volumes. That really is ingenious. RJ's reference to a "mousetrap" is spot on! Bill
  19. Old Rivers

    Recommendations on cleaning wooden clock cases

    I really like this stuff: Have used it on several clocks, it contains no harsh chemicals and is very gentle. Same manufacturer's "Protective Wood Feeder" is also a great product for follow-up afterwards . Bill
  20. Old Rivers

    quarter hour chime sequence ?

    JTD, It's possible the quarter strike is malfunctioning. I had a very similar problem with a GS movement (inconsistent quarter hour striking). They can be temperamental. Tim S, can we see a photo of the dial side of the movement in your clock? Bill
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