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  1. Old Rivers

    Machining small Internal/Ring gears

    Jerry, that is brilliant. How did you manage to bond the two (co-axial) gears to the cutter? Bill
  2. Old Rivers

    Ball Bearing "pads" on the Sherline steady rest.

    Bill, I used 1/4" square W1 steel bar, as I had some on hand. I used my lathe to turn the ends, make the bearing slot and drill the bearing axle hole. I held the workpiece in the carriage mounted tool holder. Only thing I used the mill for was radiusing the ends (although this could also be...
  3. Old Rivers

    Ball Bearing "pads" on the Sherline steady rest.

    Here's my effort. I used 1/4" OD ball bearings: Bill
  4. Old Rivers

    Waltham Factory Sixis Tool

    I would love a copy but the link goes to an area in google that is access denied. All you need is a gmail account and password to log on. I was able to download the file without a problem. Bill
  5. Old Rivers

    Broaching a watch key

    This article may be of interest.
  6. Old Rivers

    Quenching oil?

    Glen, What type of torch do you use for heat treating and tempering? Bill
  7. Old Rivers

    Parting tools.

    For small work you might consider this kit: Kit #25 1/4 inch Cutoff groover Right Hand ( I use mine frequently for small work, it is flawless. Warner makes top shelf products. Bill
  8. Old Rivers

    Parting tools.

    You might want to check out this video: Machines are a little larger than yours but the principles still apply. Joe Pieczynski is an extraordinarily talented machinist. I always learn something whenever I watch his presentations. Bill
  9. Old Rivers

    Let down keys

    0.432" across the hex flats. Bill
  10. Old Rivers

    Sherline lathe and choices.

    John, FWIW, My Sherline is a short bed with inch calibrated hand wheels. I love it, and using suitable tooling as Jerry mentions in post #2 I find the bed length ideal. As far as self centering chucks, I use both the 3-jaw and the 4-jaw depending on the material I'm working with. On round...
  11. Old Rivers

    DIY Polishing Pads

    Kurt, I have used CRATEX rubberized abrasive wheels to polish escapement anchor faces, with excellent results. Something like this might work on a smaller sized part: Rubberized Points - Points - MSC Industrial Supply ( Bill
  12. Old Rivers

    Peerless watchmakers lathe questions...

    Here is one example: Bill
  13. Old Rivers

    Collet Size Range

    Agree 100%... and if you do, you better make darned sure that your steady rest is perfectly adjusted to spindle center. Don't ask me how I know :( Bill
  14. Old Rivers

    William F. Nye ring tool

    Obviously an assassin's weapon. The barb is coated with a potent neurotoxin, injected when the assailant shakes hands with the unsuspecting victim.
  15. Old Rivers

    Wolf Jahn Precision lathe (Centers turning)

    Jerry, Would you send some notes and maybe a photo of your setup for making the box joints? Also what sort of cutter works best? Thanks, Bill
  16. Old Rivers

    Using a GF Staking Tool

    You might try using Evapo-Rust: Best Rust Remover | Remove Rust Quickly with Evapo-Rust® For de-rusting steel parts there's nothing better. Bill
  17. Old Rivers

    Questions re wheel & pinion cutting on the Sherline mill

    Jerry, I'm curious about the work holding collet and adapter mounted in the center of your rotary table (seen in in your first 3 photos). Is this your design? Bill
  18. Old Rivers

    Knew Concept piercing saw

    Nice, I like your blade storage caddy. My saw is identical to yours with the black handle, and it has served me well thus far. What makes the red framed saws so much better? Bill
  19. Old Rivers

    Bushing machine...on the cheap

    Clever application of a short length of 80/20 (aluminum extrusion). :coolsign: Bill
  20. Old Rivers

    Alternative to Jacot Tool

    Unfortunately I have yet to see any Horological or other publication that deals with Micro machining or the use of micro tooling. Metal finishes for machined parts, is covered in a machinist handbook and can be readily observed at industrial machine tool shows. Jerry Kieffer Jerry, the...
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