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  1. Grant Perry


    Nice clock. The labels are great. Hopefully you can fit a new HS to it and repair the cups. Good luck! Grant
  2. Grant Perry

    Latest Buy

    Nice find! Looking forward to seeing it once it is cleaned up!
  3. Grant Perry

    New to me Seth Thomas

    Hello, Nice clock. I'm not too familiar with these clocks, but I think the clock is between 1860-1880?? I'm sure someone with more knowledge will provide a better date.
  4. Grant Perry

    New mantle clock

    Nice looking clock! The case looks like it is in great condition.
  5. Grant Perry

    New to the board, intro and pics

    Welcome! It is always great to see new members to the message board. Nice clocks!
  6. Grant Perry

    My newest clock, Forestville Jewelled

    Ah! Good catch! I didn't even see that one. Clarification is required I suppose. Looking at it now, there are three different parts that could be the object of discussion.
  7. Grant Perry

    My newest clock, Forestville Jewelled

    The black lever lifts and drops the hammers together for the hour strike.
  8. Grant Perry

    VR questions

    Rodrigo, I have no information to offer, but the ornaments do look out of place to me, but it may have matched the original top that is no longer present. Love those hands though. Enjoy! Grant
  9. Grant Perry

    Ansonia Drop Octagon (?)

    Hi Tim, I think it is more likely that the cases were produced as described and then painted afterwards, perhaps in India. Are the dimensions of your case similar to those advertised above? Your case looks too similar to the catalogued versions to have been made offshore IMO.
  10. Grant Perry

    Ansonia Drop Octagon (?)

    Nice find. From Tran's book, it would seems as though the drop octogen was available (originally) in Rosewood or Oak. From the ring remaining from under the dial I would suspect your clock was rosewood. The bottom clock is 9"...sorry I cropped off the edge.
  11. Grant Perry

    Biedermeier Runddachluhr, Josef Elsner, Huygens, Silk Thread Suspension

    Very nice Bruce. The hands are exceptional.
  12. Grant Perry

    Seth T. Parlor Calendar #8

    Great find. I have the same clock. Mine was complete, but one finial was broken at the top. I have repaired it, and I doubt you would detect the repair. My dials were badly flaking, so I have the dial house re-do both. They did a great job. I would have preferred original as well, but...
  13. Grant Perry

    Marble Japy freres mantle

    Very nice restore. Looks great!
  14. Grant Perry

    Ansonia Mantle Clock

    Nice clock Larry, I'm sure it will clean up well. I have never used actual mainspring clamps. I simply use tie wire. I find it much easier to work with and can easily adjusted it to the diameter I need. Good luck!
  15. Grant Perry


    Yes the painting embellishment may have reduced the value, but at least it was saved from being lost forever. It now makes up part of the clocks history.
  16. Grant Perry

    Ansonia Crystal Regulator

    Hello. I looked through Tran's book and was not able to find this exact model. It looks similar to the Prism (page 126), but the feet look different and the top appears to have a slope in this picture. Hard to tell from the picture.
  17. Grant Perry

    New Banjo

    Nice find! It looks like it was well cared for. The receipt is a bonus. Can't believe the price in 1973. Not cheap for sure and you would be hard pressed to get close to that 40+ years later.
  18. Grant Perry

    Chelsea serial # 6190

    Dial looks original to me. Im not sure paying for a certificate will give you more info than what you have. As above, the serial number puts it in 1901-04 time frame, and Chelsea will likely tell you that it was sold to a retailer (Riggs and Bro) around that time. I suspect they will have no...
  19. Grant Perry

    What On Earth?

    OMG....nothing more.
  20. Grant Perry

    Seth Thomas half column clock

    Great job! Both the case and movement look great. Just another part of this clocks history.
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