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  1. Grant Perry

    First and second re pivot jobs

    That looks good Kevin. Congratulations. Looking at your pictures, I believe that you are correct about these modifications being made to the movement at the factory (maybe not at the ST factory though). It would make no sense that someone would replace all four bushing points with Rathburn...
  2. Grant Perry

    Help with Ithaca

    Like tracerjack suggested, you could try thinning the suspension spring. It does work, but 30 min in 12 hours is significant.
  3. Grant Perry


    If it is the quality that you are referring to, there are quality springs available as replacements. I order mine from a supplier in Toronto Canada. They are not cheap, but I can usually get what I need.
  4. Grant Perry

    Seth Thomas #2 Center wheel loose

    Oh, we've all been there. You'll figure it out. It takes time and patience.
  5. Grant Perry

    Seth Thomas #2 Center wheel loose

    Yes, agreed. Without the dial off and hands on, you can only guess.
  6. Grant Perry

    Seth Thomas #2 Center wheel loose

    Dave, I read through your posts above but couldn't tell if you had run the clock with the dial off, but the hands on to see what happens?
  7. Grant Perry

    Followup on Bergeon 6200 vs Sherline lathe/mill bushing decision

    Thurmond, thank you for the update. I am working towards the same. I have been using a Bergeon 6200 for the past 10+ years, but I also have the Sherline Mill, so I thought I should give it a try. My Sherline Milling Machine Bushing and Depthing Accessory arrived yesterday, but I haven't had...
  8. Grant Perry

    Repaired bellows are stiff and do not close under gravity

    Necessity is the mother of invention. I love these type of stories. kologha, I respect your ingenuity, and willingness to try something different. I can only wonder what someone else in 100 years looking at repairing this clock will think. Great job.
  9. Grant Perry

    Sessions Dulciana Mantle Clock

    I don't know that specific repair technique, but...... it sounds interesting. I'll leave it at that.
  10. Grant Perry


    Hello, It "sounds" like you are saying that you have lengthened the suspension rod and bob to the lowest lever in order to have the clock slowed and now it is keeping time? Please clarify. If so, there are other thinks you can do to provide for more flexibility in adjusting the speed of the...
  11. Grant Perry

    Current clock repair tool collection - Do I have what I need to be able to do my own bushing repairs?

    Here is the video that Robert referred to above. 32:30 is where the busing segment seems to start.
  12. Grant Perry

    Gilbert #8 regulator

    24:04 and 24:52 provides a detailed close up and demonstrates how the nut works as well.
  13. Grant Perry

    New Haven mystery.

    Hi Clarke, Nice looking movement. Dick provided some sage advice. Following that advice will save you a lot of frustration in the long run. You note above that you are an amateur. Depending on what you consider an amateur to be, you may want to put this one in the "do later" section of your...
  14. Grant Perry

    Mainspring barrel explosion!

    Wow, I have never seen a barrel fail like that. Do you know if it went during winding? Thanks for sharing.
  15. Grant Perry

    Ansonia Mantel? Clock 30 hr?

    As Dick mentioned, often times the movement is not configured to handle a spring long enough for an 8-day run. In many earlier American clocks, the position of the winding arbors will be a clue as to whether or not it is a 30 hour, or 8 day clock. With a 30 hour movement, the distance between...
  16. Grant Perry

    Escape Wheel / Verge Problems Seth Thomas Ogee

    Wow, just watched the video. Don't run the clock until you fix the depthing of the verge. That is going to kill your escape wheel. The escape wheel should be advancing one tooth at a time. The bearing for the escape wheel is part of the issue, but move the pallet in closer to start. First...
  17. Grant Perry

    Correction: International Time Recorder mainsprings - Is Ollie Baker up to the task?

    I thought that the #10 was the double barrel time only movement for a ships clock. Guess not!
  18. Grant Perry

    Correction: International Time Recorder mainsprings - Is Ollie Baker up to the task?

    Yes, I don't see why not. Use usual caution, gloves and eye protection and go slow.
  19. Grant Perry

    Seth Thomas face removal need help.

    I think the dial is one piece?
  20. Grant Perry

    What do you use in your ultrasonic?

    What is $180 a gallon? $52 at Merritt
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