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  1. Wayne A

    Schatz W3 platform escapement

    Seem to remember reading there were a couple platform versions used on the W3 with different jewel counts. Wayne
  2. Wayne A

    Please help to id and dating

    Sure it slides strait up if you have gecko grip fingers. :) Was thinking having to navigate your hands around the top level. Wayne
  3. Wayne A

    Please help to id and dating

    Looks a little tricky to remove/replace that dome. Never seen one.
  4. Wayne A

    Schatz W3 platform escapement

    Bushing was lightly pressed in. Just removed and replaced it. Wayne
  5. Wayne A

    Schatz W3 platform escapement

    The original as found bushing was so far gone it would not run. Since its already made for a bushing I was able to make a new bushing on the lathe to replace it. Still have notes that show the bushing was .0472 OD, .016 H, .008 ID. Its been running fine since. Wayne
  6. Wayne A

    Healthy Clicks

    Wheel should snap evenly but the sound tends to vary, Tic - Toc. Wayne
  7. Wayne A

    Mainspring Size For Schatz 400 Day #49 Clock

    Unless your mainspring its broken in pieces it would run the clock. Have ran across a number of shattered springs that did not damage the clock. Would like to see a slo-mo video of just how springs shatter. Wayne
  8. Wayne A

    Koma suspension springs

    Just to be clear, were talking only about Horolovar brand suspension springs. Other sources will give different results. Wayne
  9. Wayne A

    Koma clock model ID and information

    From the Horolovar guide it looks like plate 1393A. Horolovar suspension is listed at .0035". Wayne
  10. Wayne A

    Dent in base of thrift store Elgin "Time-bomb" anniversary clock.

    Some do partial winds, others fully wind it. For this clock a winding crank is what it came with and feels safer when winding than a key. Definately don't want to over wind and run out of spring. Mine needed work, several bad bushing and plenty of old crusty green oil. I lightly oiled the...
  11. Wayne A

    Dent in base of thrift store Elgin "Time-bomb" anniversary clock.

    Believe that is where the jewel is. Made this gearing chart when I overhauled mine. Wayne
  12. Wayne A

    Schatz 49 400 day clock wire guard

    First place to start is power and power loss. Overhaul mainspring? Do a power test with motion works removed and anchor removed, how many clicks of power to spin the EW? I like to see one or two clicks to spin the EW. If it fails find the power loss, pivots polished and smooth broach pivot holes...
  13. Wayne A

    Dent in base of thrift store Elgin "Time-bomb" anniversary clock.

    As clks said, its a coiled spring one way clutch. At least on mine I found it coated with semi solid green oil/grease so it really needed cleaning. Definitely an odd spongy feeling to backing off when winding as the clutch coils tighten. When I had the freshly cleaned clutch and wheel in hand I...
  14. Wayne A

    How do i release the main spring of this movement

    Clamp held for a while, then it just jumped open yet still retained the spring. Quickly wrapped it with safety lock ty-wire. Safety lock wire is another option, its 302/304 stainless. I reuse the small bits left over on my spring winder to retain the ends of springs instead of hooks. Wayne
  15. Wayne A

    How do i release the main spring of this movement

    It got my attention! Wayne
  16. Wayne A

    How do i release the main spring of this movement

    This is when I stopped using spring retainers, the pictured clips were originally the same shape. Use only ty-wire now to retain open springs. Wayne
  17. Wayne A

    Pivot polishing, your methods plz?

    Ran across an GUIDE by David Labounty, near the end he outlines how to make your own tools out of carbide. Its what I did. Wayne
  18. Wayne A

    Setting Beat on Kern #1406F Miniature, and other dilemmas

    I see, well a clock beating 600 beats an hour is a bit different from a watch buzzing along at 18k+. There is normally some small variation in beat on these clocks often caused by the ew teeth. The way I look at beat error is with a degree wheel under the pendulum, normally try to get the beat...
  19. Wayne A

    400 day driving me NUTS!

    Sounds like your clock is not running at all like Tracerjack said. Could be many things from small friction to out of adjustment and its hard to say from a picture what the issues may be. One thing about this style of clock is the suspension bracket/saddle carries the piviot for the anchor and...
  20. Wayne A

    Setting Beat on Kern #1406F Miniature, and other dilemmas

    The escapement operation looks ok. Trying to figure out what the error you perceived and perhaps the actual impulse is what your talking about. Can't see enough to comment on beat or overswing. Wayne
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