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    Pendulum rotation varies hourly

    Try taking the minute hand off and replacing it rotated by 180 degrees. If it behaves the same, it points to the weight of the minute hand which you speculated initially. If it now is the opposite behavior, it is likely something in the gear train (motion works most likely). Hopefully this will...
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    F.L. Gregory Self Winding Clock

    Thanks Tim. I will try to describe and am including a link below to another poster's video. The weight can be seen in the photo above at the far left side. It is a cylinder. It is threaded on to an arm and the arm rotates to lift the weight, then rotates down as the clock runs. Here's a...
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    F.L. Gregory Self Winding Clock

    Hello, I am working on an F.L. Gregory weight driven self winding clock. This is basically a mechanical clock with a weight to supply power to the time train. The weight drops until it closes the contact points that supply DC voltage to a solenoid. When the solenoid is energized, it lifts...
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    Atmos-moving a clock by car without damaging it advice?

    In general, the best way to pack a clock for shipping is to pack in a box with packing between the clock and inside box sides on all six sides. Then place this box in a second larger box also with padding on all six sides. This will usually survive commercial shipping and should be overkill...
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    What sparked your interest in torsion clocks?

    Thanks for starting this thread Eric. It's a nice change from the "what year was my clock manufactured" and "why won't my clock run" posts. :) 400 day clocks came after my attraction to Seth Thomas tambour mantel clocks (which is another story for a different message board group). Like with my...
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    Clock run time versus spring barrel rotation

    If your pallets are not skipping escape wheel teeth and your escape wheel is never going backwards (deadbeat escapement does not) then it seems that your analysis of degrees per tick is irrelevant. You should look elsewhere. Check your train count calculations and keep in mind that the clock...
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    Hi Dells, I have been wrestling with this for several years. When I posted here most replies just say if it is running don't worry about it. I find it a fascinating challenge to determine the answer to this question. I felt that it is related to mainspring torque and was setting up a system to...
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    Kundo Kundo Electromagnetic - Can't rate

    I have also repaired this Kundo suspension, but after splitting the blocks, I made a new spring from a sheet of suspension spring material. It is thin enough you can cut it with heavy scissors. Stan
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    Kundo Kundo Electromagnetic - Can't rate

    When the pendulum swings, it causes a pawl to ratchet and drive the motion works. If it is not properly ratcheting on every swing, the clock will appear slow and adjusting the pendulum will only have a small affect. The suspension spring thickness is unrelated. There is an adjustment to the pawl...
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    Lacquering brass.

    Disclaimer: I have no experience with lacquer (I use Renaissance wax) but for smaller parts I have read that dipping the parts is effective as opposed to spraying. Stan
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    timegrapher equivalent for clocks

    I use the MicroSet from Mumford Micro Systems:
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    Carriage Clock Platform Escapement

    Hello, A customer has brought me a carriage clock to be restored. So far I have found two major issues: the hairspring is broken at the collet and needs to be repinned and the roller jewel is missing (snapped off). For me this is more watch work than clock work and beyond my current skills...
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    cant pass up a good deal

    An old deck of playing cards serves me for shimming clocks. Stan
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    Seth Thomas/Kundo Adventure

    Yes, I've seen the dreaded spiraled suspension spring! I told her half a turn. Stan
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    Seth Thomas/Kundo Adventure

    Hi All, I wanted to share a little story with you. A lady drove many miles to bring me a Seth Thomas/Kundo miniature 400 Day clock. She said it was gaining 1-2 hours/day since someone replaced the suspension spring. I set it up and measured with the Microset. The pendulum rotation was a...
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    A spring winder

    You can use a large socket (as in socket wrench) to press on the cover.
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    A spring winder

    When I first started working on clocks I knew I needed a spring winder but wasn't sure if was going to work on more than the one clock I inherited. So I compromised and bought the Webster. It's a decent winder and better priced than some of the others. But it was never quite right. I made...
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    A spring winder

    You can make sleeves using copper water pipe and EMT conduit. Your size choices may be somewhat limited compared to a full set. You might be able to slit the sleeve and spread it out to accommodate larger sizes. Hose clamps around the outside are useful to keep them from expanding. Stan
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    Original dome or not

    Yes, domes in the 1970's were often plastic. Stan
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    KWM/Elma Bushing Tool Chuck

    Agreed, it is reamer looseness that I am looking to correct. And the holes that I am bushing are almost always egg shaped. When I would ream these using the mill, the reamer was tight enough that it would stay centered and "nibbling" was not necessary. I am trying to recreate this in the...
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