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    Identify tool II

    Here is a second tool at the NAWCC Museum that we cannot identify. The small piece with all the grooves is a dovetail slide. The large top is also a dovetail slide left and right on the bottom piece. What is it? Don Dahlberg NAWCC volunteer
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    Identify tool I

    We have a couple of tools at the NAWCC Museum that we cannot identify. The first one appears to be some kind of lathe or turns. What is it? Don Dahlberg NAWCC volunteer
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    What is this tool??

    This is a guess, but I would say a jewel pusher, probably for replacing friction jewels. Don
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    Using Boric Acid while hardening steel

    Bill, If we are preparing metal to make something like a balance staff, we wrap the metal and heat it cherry red and quench it. If the wrap is red hot, then the object inside is red hot. Then we polish the metal and temper it to blue. Only then do we make the object. You have already made...
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    ITR let down tool?

    By the way, the NAWCC Library has the original manuals for most of the ITR and IBM clocks, masters, and etc. If you are a member, they would be happy to send you a photocopy of the one for your clock if they have it. Don
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    Electronic guru help needed. What is it?

    I agree with what has been said. You need alternating current to destroy the magnetism. The idea is that you magnetise the object in one direction, and a moment later you destroy that by a magnetic field in the opposite direction and back again several times a second. As you do this the...
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    Taig lathe custom-made collets

    Have you checked out and the links therein? Don
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    Damaskeening patterns

    You can see one type of Damaskeening machine at the National Watch and Clock Museum (NAWCC) at and another at You can learn about Engine-Turning and Rose Engines at...
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    need a milling attachment

    Hey folks, watchmaking is an activity we share with our children. Let's keep the conversation appropriate. Don
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    Depthing tool: Do I need one?

    The staking set to watchmaker is like a hammer to a carpenter. Where do I start? Removing roller tables, installing roller tables, riveting a new staff on a balance wheel (but not removing a staff!!), installing a hairspring on a balance staff, installing hands on a watch, repairing...
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    Depthing tool: Do I need one?

    I agree with David. A depthing tool is not nearly as useful in watch repair as it is in clock repair. In watch repair we are not rebushing pivot holes and moving them out of position like we do with clocks. A depthing tool in watchmaking is used mostly to make a watch. There are so many...
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    can someone advise me on a QCTP for ww lathe

    Quick change tool holders for 8mm lathes are very hard to find. Most small set are still too large. Levin makes the best, but it is very expensive. See Perhaps you could find a used set. Knurling puts a great deal of stress on a lathe. Perhaps you could...
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    centering a lathe and chuck

    There are two ways a lathe wears. If you do not oil it or do not clean it from time to time, grit can get in the bearings and create the kind of scratches you talked about. It would take a lot of deep scratches to be a problem running true, but scratches hold dirt as well as oil and begin to...
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    question about oiling lathe

    You should oil the bearings of your lathe each day you use it. Any excess oils will wash out grit and dirt and run out where it can be wiped up with a rag. You oil it at both ends of the headstock. Usually you rotate the dust covers so that the hole is on top. Run the lathe and drip oil in...
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    Watch Timing Machine Repair

    I have never used his services, but the following person advertised in the NAWCC Mart. He claims to be a factory authorized service for Vibrograp, Portescap, Tick-o-print and L&R. R Wong, (415)453-9266 in San Rafael CA. Don Dahlberg
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    Naphtha solvent for fast running watchs' hairspring

    V M & P Naptha can be found at most hardware stores and paint stores. Read the label and make sure it says pure naptha. Some have an additive that does not evaporate easily. Test it out first by putting a few drops on a clean glass. Let it evaporate and examine the glass under magnification...
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    Short form gear cutter

    Try Timekepper's Workbench at and click on "Cutters and Custom Verges" at the bottom of the page. You will find Thornton about 3/4 down the next page. You will have to call or email for prices. Don Dahlberg
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    Work Bench

    OSU is one of three US schools supported to varying degrees by Rolex. The others are at North Seattle Communicty College and the Lititz Watch Technicum in Lititz, PA. You can check out the Seattle program at You can read about the Lititz...
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    Sharpening screwdrivers

    According to the Hamilton Watch Company Engineering Division Bulletin March 22, 1948 screwdrivers should have a straight slope of 8 degrees. The tip should be flat and 0.003 inches thick for screwdrivers of width 0.030 to 0.040 inches and 0.005 inches thick for screwdrivers of 0.050 to 0.157...
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    Watch Makers Bench

    With a little more research I was able to find bench plans for the NAWCC member. "The Complete Metalsmith" by Tim McCreight (Davis Publications ISBN 0-87192-240-1) has plans for a jeweler's bench. "Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair" by Mick Watters (Crowood Press ISBN 1 86126 2337) has...
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