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  1. J

    Carter's Clock Glass.. Are they still in business.

    I have been trying to get a reply about the bezel (and payment that was included with the bezel for a beveled glass to be fit into the bezel) for over 2 months. It was sent in August of 2015. I have not been able to get a reply to my emails or to the one voice mail that I was able to...
  2. J

    Bulletin Search

    THANK you. I am, and have been for years, a member and will follow the suggestion you gave to get to the archives.
  3. J

    Bulletin Search

    Help. It's been awhile since I've used this forum, due to family health issues that needed to come first. Now I am eager to look up something and seem to have lost my way in finding it. I am looking for info on a movement marked Caledonian Registered. Does anyone have info to share on this...
  4. J

    Bellows for a Whistler?

    Thank you for the email address. I have not yet been able to take a photo of the bellows, however, you described them exactly! I have thought about attempting to recover them with the same material that I used awhile back to recover an oversized cuckoo clock bellows. I purchased extra...
  5. J

    Bellows for a Whistler?

    The bellows is very very different from those of a cuckoo clock. They are a compound bellows which makes different whistle sounds. More like the bellows of the singing birds in the brass cages. I'll take a picture of the bellows and try posting it.
  6. J

    Bellows for a Whistler?

    Does anyone know where I can find the bellows for a Whistler. :confused: The one I have is the more common one with the man leaning against a lamp post and it is not a battery whistler, it is fully wind up movement. But, the bellows is very damaged and not repairable. :@ Hopefully someone...
  7. J

    Bottom Glass for Triple Decker

    Does anyone know of a place where I can get reproduction bottom glass for a triple decker clock? Or,.. I'd even settle for nice card stock to put behind wavy glass.
  8. J

    Previous Bulletin Information Needed

    Hello: In the past bulletin..#380 for June 2009 ..there was an article about a Probable Soap Hollow Tallcase Clock. I have the Bulletin but was told that on the NAWCC ONLINE there were extra photos posted. I have tried.. I have found the online index and front page f that bulletin but have...
  9. J

    Sidney Clock Information

    A friend of mine recently bought a Sidney Advertising Clock and I recently went to his home to see it. I have seen a few other Sidney Adv. clocks and I know they were oldies! This one, however, has me puzzled. Were Sidney Adv. Clocks ever reproduced?? If so, approximately when?? The...
  10. J

    Clock repair; MD/WV area

    Don't know where in MD/WV this one is located.. but there is a repair shop in Somerset PA by the name of Bryner's Antiques & Clocks. I've had clock work done there and am a repeat customer with other clocks that I needed to have fixed. This fella fixes the old.. not take out the old and put...
  11. J

    how to restore a marble/slate case?

    I have a beautiful BIG heavy black marble (slate?) case where one side has turned a hazy dirty white color. It almost looks like a mold. The front of the case is the same way. It looks as if a shellac or something wore off of parts of it..but this isn't what happened. I tried steel wool and...
  12. J

    Herschede parts

    Yes.. call R&M Imports.. I purchased a set of 8 herschede chime tubes.. they were expensive..but then on second thought they weren't expensive..I got what I paid for! They were of very good quality and they really made the clock an eyecatcher. The old cracked and dingy tubes had to go.
  13. J

    Standard Time, Anyone?

    Here in SW PA.. my clock did not change. It's at least 10 years old. My Mothers clock (she lives 25 miles south of me) set itself back...but then the next morning it reset itself to the correct time. Her clock is the same age as mine..and is the same thing.
  14. J

    Porcelain/China case repair

    I have been the lucky receiver (as a gift, as in here take this thing).. of a beautiful Ansonia Open Escapement Clock. However the case has a part of the trim chunked off. It's missing a piece approx 3/4" in length of the fancy trim that goes along the top right side. And, of course,.. the...
  15. J

    simple green , sold where?

    Simple Green, If I remember correctly... can be purchased as a concentrate and mixed as strong or as weak as you want it. The did start making it pre-mixed and are selling it that way now as well. Also.. if there is a Dollar General Store near you (they are all over PA and other eastern...
  16. J

    How to remove Old Putty!??

    Can't say if it was reuseable or not. I removed the gooey putty..tossed it into a plastic bag and got rid of it.
  17. J

    How to remove Old Putty!??

    Thanks to all for the ideas for removing the old putty. I tried a utility knife but this stuff was so hard that even putting a utility knife on the putty and whacking it with a small hammer didn't hardly even put a dent in the putty. I also tried the heat with a curling iron on a high...
  18. J

    How to remove Old Putty!??

    Help!! I just purchased an old English Bell Strike Grandfather Clock and the glass in the bonnet is broken. The glass is held in with the old OLD putty and my attempt at getting it out so I can replace the glass ..well.. the chore hasn't been a good one. The putty is not loose and I have...
  19. J

    Herschede Chime Tubes: Repair? Replacement Source?

    Have you tried calling R&M? I purchased a set from them last year. I needed sizes that were not listed in their parts book so I called them..just to be sure they didn't have more that weren't listed in their book..and by golly they HAD a set. Yes.. they were pricey...but they are very high...
  20. J

    Where can I find a replacement for this Dial.

    Sorry.. see my other post. It has the picture.
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