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  1. David S

    How do I mark ALL forums read?

    Great it is now repaired. Thank you. David
  2. David S

    How do I mark ALL forums read?

    Hi all, A few days ago I could mark all forums read by clicking on the horological education button on the left of the corresponding forum. It would take me to a New page with the mark forum read icon visible. This is now missing. David
  3. David S

    Push notifications

    Same questions from me. David
  4. David S

    Function How long can can I edit my post?

    Thanks Tom. Perhaps I am being promoted to administrator? David
  5. David S

    Function How long can can I edit my post?

    Hi, At one time I thought there was a time limit on how long a post remained open in order to edit it. Lately I have noticed that I can still edit my post after a few days, and I just noticed that on one post I did in 2015 it still lets me edit it. query on smoothing broaches... David
  6. David S

    How to post questions for help

    Welcome. Stacia, There is a general clocks section and in a green box you can find Post New Thread. General Clock Discussions David
  7. David S

    Help Notice Donation bar not working (fixed)

    On some sites when you donate, there is an expiry date to your "donor recognition". I donated years ago, before deciding that I would become an NAWCC member, and it still shows me being a donor. Has there been any consideration to having the donor recognition expire after say a year or two...
  8. David S

    Notice American Pocket Watch Forum Moderator

    Congratulations Rob! I am not a PW guy but have fun over there anyway. David
  9. David S

    Help Forums Administrator

    Congratulations Dave. We will do what ever we can to make your job easier. All the best, David
  10. David S

    Help Signature line

    Kevin. Top of the page by the magnifying glass is your avatar picture. Click on it and it ways "personal details" , and next underneath is "signature". David
  11. David S

    Message Board Rules and other inquiries

    And also Bruce a thank you to you for outlining the options for Chris and your encouragement. David
  12. David S

    Message Board Rules and other inquiries

    And welcome as a new NAWCC member Chris. I see your banner. David
  13. David S

    Message Board Rules and other inquiries

    Rule #3 is not true as it is stated. If you read the full rules you will see exceptions and clarifications. I feel that the whole selling thing as well as links and discussions needs to be reviewed. David
  14. David S

    Function Membership Status and Banners

    Thank you. Is there a place on this site that describes all of these? AS another example I see Tom is a Star Fellow. I would just like to find a place where all these are described. David
  15. David S

    Function Membership Status and Banners

    Is there some place on the site where all of these are described? E.G. what is a Sponsor? David
  16. David S

    Help Like Button

    Work for me now Tom. Didn't before. Merry Christmas David
  17. David S

    Help Like Button

    My view does NOT include the like button. David
  18. David S

    Feature Policy Full message text in alerts - Turn it off?

    I get email alerts to threads that I have selected. 99% of the time I just delete the email notice and go to the message board to read what was posted. I could do without out the text response in the email..But I don't use a smart phone. David
  19. David S

    Help A message on my profile

    I really think that by default this "feature" should be disabled and let users make a concious decision to enable it. David
  20. David S

    Help A message on my profile

    Thanks Steven, I think I have found it, and disabled it. The Conversation / PM function should be adequate. David
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