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  1. kinsler33

    Help identifying Ridgeway Grandfather clock

    Bob's Furniture here in Lancaster, Ohio sells a good many high--priced new gf's.
  2. kinsler33

    Do any grandfather/grandmother clocks have a light in them?

    Some do, indeed. You'll see these in certain gf or gm's made after maybe the b1970's. I always replace the lamp with an LED bulb.
  3. kinsler33

    What could this clock be for?

    It is a timer that energizes a sequence of electric wires that are plugged into that large array of holes. Possible uses that come to mind are (1) in mining or excavation, when a sequence of explosive charges must be set off in a precise pattern, or (2) to light up some sort of electric sign...
  4. kinsler33

    Oswald re-found after 10 years Rudolf Valentino

    Yes. But please recall the demographics of clock repairers. I believe that the median age here is around 102. We're easily fooled. Mark Kinsler (Then again our friend and neighbor-two-doors-away Mrs Arnold just turned 104. She lives by herself, devours very long novels, and has two...
  5. kinsler33

    Oswald re-found after 10 years Rudolf Valentino

    And so continues the horological education of M Kinsler. I'd neither seen nor heard of one of these. Nice job of restoration, and thanks for posting it. M Kinsler
  6. kinsler33

    Unusual (?) Chelsea Movement

    But this particular clock was a weapon of war, and thus no expense was spared. One need only look at the precision time fuzes (that's the right spelling, I think) that went into precision-made shells to be used by the hundreds in rapid-fire anti-aircraft cannon. That's war, mankind's most...
  7. kinsler33

    Gustav Becker wall clock Questions

    Essentially _every_ kind of cord builds a bird's nest to some extent. Vienna regulators used some weird thin black stuff that reminds me of the dial cord used to move the tuning pointer when you turned the tuning knob in old radios. (I used to be a maestro at re-stringing those.) I believe...
  8. kinsler33

    Unusual (?) Chelsea Movement

    The term is 'hack watch.' My father's WWII Hamilton military pocket watch would stop when you pulled out the stem to set it. The idea was to tune the time signals on the radio, set the watch to exactly the next minute (with the second hand on 60) and wait for the beep from the time signal...
  9. kinsler33

    French clock age and identification

    Thank you. Turkish sounds right, and I'll see what the Crimean peninsula looks like on an upside-down map. I think the Crimean War encouraged my ancestral Kinslers to depart the area and head to England, where they wound up in, of all things, show business. M Kinsler only the proud and...
  10. kinsler33

    French clock age and identification

    I've named this clock "French Fred" because it's an old (silk-thread pendlum) clock and it has what seems to be a statue of Fredrick the Great. I suspect that it's not Fred at all, but it was a convenient mental shortcut. Now, I read that silk-thread pendulum suspensions date a clock to before...
  11. kinsler33

    Creative Kienzle Mantel Clock

    I have worked on several Kienzele clocks, all spring-wound mantel chimers, and each one had some sort of factory-installed weirdness. My latest has rod gongs that barely fit into the case diagonally, and hammers maybe eight inches long to reach them. And there's a sort-of seat board, and some...
  12. kinsler33

    What Else Do You Collect?

    Old reference books, particularly old Sears catalogs, either real or reproductions. I have 1897, 1900, 1902, 1908, 1923, 1927, 1933, 1946, and 1958 Sears catalogs, plus a Montgomery Ward or two and, for a dollar at the antique fair I just bought a 1930 World Almanac and Book of Facts, from...
  13. kinsler33

    Tiffany ormolu w/ sevres (?) porcelain panels, yikes.

    I think that the people who own this clock might like some information about it, so I'm asking here. Movement maybe by Marti, countwheel strike, enamel dial. Porcelain panels are, like, half an inch thick, silk thread pendulum that's missing and that I'm trying to replace correctly. The poor...
  14. kinsler33

    Unmarked Movement ID Help needed

    Yep. Nobody uses steel-on-steel bearings for anything (I think.) Sliding surfaces will tend to form micro-welds unless their chemical compositions are different. M Kinsler
  15. kinsler33

    Unmarked Movement ID Help needed

    Yikes: steel plates! But I guess those are brass bushings. Someone once brought in a steel-plate Ingraham kitchen clock that wasn't similarly blessed, and I'd never seen pivots with that much wear. That was my first re-pivoting job. M Kinsler
  16. kinsler33

    Antique particle board?

    They've used just about everything for fake wood at one time or another. I think they had wallboard made with bakelite resin and compressed peanut shells as early as the 1920's. Sears sold a lot of pressed wood products, too. M Kinsler
  17. kinsler33

    Restraining 31day clock springs

    I didn't know that, and thank you. I have found that there are several configurations of these strange 31-day spring restrainers/retainers, and t's a good idea to take a picture of them before disassembly, for they can be rather counterintuitive to re-assemble. (It's _always_ a good idea to...
  18. kinsler33

    Restraining 31day clock springs

    Another thin alternative to cable ties or round-section C clips is a worm-gear hose clamp. These are thinner than nylon cable ties and of unquestionable strength. I've used them when C clips proved too clumsy. I'd also recommend a pair of flat-section C-clips from Timesavers. They're too...
  19. kinsler33

    Cuckoo Cuckoo music box governor

    That's true, but once the new music box is installed, however you can install it, it'll at least be reliable. It's a lot of work either way, I guess. When I last replaced the music box in a two-door cuckoo clock I had to horse endlessly with the little guy who plays the zither, because...
  20. kinsler33

    Cuckoo Cuckoo music box governor

    After about two days of labor I have decided that it's probably not worth trying to replace the governor on a cuckoo music box. The difficulty seems to be that the new ones--I got one from TimeSavers this time, but from someone on eBay on the last occasion--are not made so well. Yes, there...
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