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    A weird screw

    Jerry, You nailed it. It came as a surprise to me. The mvt was in a case and I couldn't figure out how to remove it from such, since it wasn't a usual detent screw. I had to pretty much take the mvt apart in the case. Even then it took a bit of examining. Also, the stem was very...
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    A weird screw

    Jim, Here's an under dial view. Yes, it has to do with releasing the stem, but it does so in a rather odd way (at least in my experience). It's not what one would usually call a detent screw.
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    A weird screw

    Any ideas what the screw with the decorative engraving below the stem does?
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    Illinois Pocket Watch Hands

    An old cut in the Meggers/Ehrhardt Illinois book (page 91) shows a "Stuart Dial" with Crescent hands. However, the date of this cut is not mentioned. Both Stuart and 105 are certainly high grade for Illinois. I'd go with possibly original for this piece to have had Crescent hands.
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    Obsolete watch parts

    I'll take a look and let you know if one turns up.
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    Obsolete watch parts

    Do you need the complete barrel with cap and arbor?
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    Rant: eBay Parts are the Worst

    My post is not in defense of ebay parts sellers. That said, there is much to consider when getting a replacement part for an antique watch. First there are the parts themselves: genuine factory, 3rd party period, 3rd party later, 3rd party modern. Then one must consider that many watches...
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    Reproduction Hands

    Small mountain town, no fence, no camera. It happened when I was in the process of moving. The perpetrators apparently were looking for regular tools (worth next to nothing to me). But they did abscond (probably by accident) with my hands' collection (including some terrific Louis XIV gilt...
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    Reproduction Hands

    James, At one time I had a good selection of sweep second pocket watch hands, but alas they were among some items stolen from a storage locker several years ago. As Rob suggests: keep looking. Parts are still out there. Greg
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    American PW New York Watch Co. Springfield Mass

    If it's a full plate mvt I would check to see if a Hampden staff is close.
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    Rockford Hands question

    As Fred noted they should match. The mostly likely hand to be "incorrect" is the minute hand since it comes off first and more easily than the hour hand, and thus is more readily lost.
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    Need a Balance to

    The hairspring could probably be made to work. Adding or subtracting weight to the wheel is standard watch repair practice. As for the escape wheel, you will need to find one with conical pivots, something which the 17 jewel mvt doesn't have. FWIW, Greg
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    Aurora minute gear

    As Jim noted, a Hamilton min whl will work on an Aurora, although it's likely that you will need to broach open the hole a bit. As I recall, the Hamilton hr and min wheels are about the only part that will work on an Aurora. A minor aside, Hamilton did not buy Aurora in 1890, for the simple...
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    American PW Enlarging hole on porcelain dial

    It's more than likely that the hour wheel is correct. For the early 16s Hampden mvts (model 1890 which came in various "flavors" such as raised plated, etc.) there were two different hour wheel/cannon pinion combinations: one for a thick center post and one for a thin center post. The thicker...
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    American PW Aurora Balance Staff Needed

    Elgin 18s 857 OSSH staffs can be modified to work.
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    American PW Elgin 16s BW Raymond+3 year old=10 minutes slow

    Chris, If I had to guess I say that there might be some gunk on the hairspring (old oil, etc.). Or did you check to make sure the the spring is indeed correctly postioned between the regulator pins? It could also be magnetized. Or maybe the hrspg isn't level. These little machines can be...
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    Who are your Watch Parts and Tools Suppliers?

    Gary, Sorry about the late reply, but this part of the board isn't an area that I follow closely. I have what might be the correct pallet arbor, if that's all you need. I also came across a used escape wheel & pinion that might work, though at first glance one of the pivots might be slightly...
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    Who are your Watch Parts and Tools Suppliers?

    FWIW, I have been selling misc. American pocket watch parts for years, mostly on eBay (user name 15rubyjewels). My eBay store listing includes some new-old-stock parts for Cheshire, Illinois, Aurora, Rockford, Elgin and other makes. eMail inquiries are always welcome. Greg
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    American PW Ball regulator screw

    Thomas, I might have one of these. Drop me an email.
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    American PW Elgin 571 Click Spring

    Wes, Here's a scan of a material page for 571 and related grades. Hope it helps.
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