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    Movement quality (Burlington)

    Just an idle thought. Is there any difference in "quality" betweeen Illinois-marked watch movements and those produced by Illinois for Burlington? Is a Burlington movement different from an Illinois movement of the same size and jeweling other the adjustments?
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    My favorite railroad watch

    This one is kinda nice, Hamilton-Ball, serial 170693, 21 j and B of LE on dial and movement.
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    Columbus Watch Company,

    From George Townsend's book "Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About American Watches and Didn't Know Who To Ask" illustrations by the author, self-published 1971 Columbus Watch Co., Nov18-1892-1901. Columbus, Ohio. The 1892 date may be incorrect. D. Gruen p, g/m. Other officers are...
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    12 size illinois

    Here's the movement. Gold screws etc.
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    12 size illinois

    I will try to post a picture of the movement tomorrow. Windows photo app has turned nearly impossible to use for me. For a while it was fairly easy to find and post pictures but I find it very uncooperative.
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    12 size illinois

    Correction to my last post. I got the thumbnails back but can't delete the last sentence If someone could delete the last sentence I would appreciate it very much.
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    12 size illinois

    I haven't bought much these past few months but do check out some Ebay sellers from time to time and I was looking at a seller I had in my saved list. I found this 12 size Illinois in a 20 -year green gold filled case. The dial was very good and I didn't see any wear on the case. When I...
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    Illinois A.Lincoln

    Thanks, I appreciate the information.
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    Illinois A.Lincoln

    Where do the A.Lincoln watches appear on the quality line for Illinois? Here are three two appear to be regular 12-size and one that seems to be slightly wider and a bit thinner. The one on the left looks thinner and slightly wider than the other two. Serial number 4773505, 14k white gold...
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    An upjewelled Ball???

    I have a regular Watham that was upjewelled, the plug with the jewel count is quite obvious. Wasn't this a fairly common practice?
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    1895 Montgomery Ward available on Google books

    I bought a reprint of the catalog 40-50 years ago and also have 3 from Sears, 1897, 1908, and 1927. They have clocks, watch chains, furniture, clothes and other interesting things. The 1928 catalog has wristwatches and lots of parts etc for Fords and Chevrolet autos. It was possible to buy...
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    Show off your Ball Watches(any size)

    Looks like the Hamilton movement photo disappeared. No plug on this one.
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    Show off your Ball Watches(any size)

    No. 3 Ball Indimatic 17-j Swiss selfwinding and power indicator on dial
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    Show off your Ball Watches(any size)

    No.2 Illinois-Ball 12 size 19-j, green gold filled case.
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    Show off your Ball Watches(any size)

    Three Balls No.1 Hamilton-Ball 18-size, 21 jewel, B of LE, serial no. 170693, Philadelphia Victory 10-yr case. I think it is a replacement
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    H. Milton Pocket Watch

    I have one of the 'fakes' with Capitol on the dial which keeps pretty good time. The center jewel is missing from mine and the maker Bureii is on one of the plates. I have seen others like it listed as Burens on Ebay. The 'ii' at the end of the name would be easily mistaken for an 'n' and...
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    Thin 12-size watches

    15-20 years ago I was interested in the thin `12-size watches from some of the watch companies. Here are 3 Deuber-Hampdens I acquired. The left most two are Ethan Allens with a 15 jewel movement and the right most one is a 19-jewel Paul Revere. I haven't looked for the others: 17-jewel Ethan...
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    Cost of various pocket watch cases

    If you can get access to reprints of the Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs for the late 1890's you will find pages and pages of beautiful cases in various metals and the cost of a complete watch made up of the case and your preference of movement, such as Trenton, Elgin, Waltham, etc...
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    Michael Harold Bulletin Supplement

    Correction: The book is supplement no. 14, Spring 1984
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