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    Dating Gustav Becker clock & case

    Hello Everyone: Cheating a bit in that I don't own this yet, but I am thinking of buying for very cheap (under $100). The movement is all there and seems to work, though it is dirty. Movement has the "SILESIA" trademark with the crown above the anchor (not readily seen in pic). The case is in ok...
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    String Replacement & Case Treatment for Pillar and Scroll by Ephraim Downs

    Thanks, RM. You confirmed my impression that the scroll and finials, as well as the feet are replacements. The wood used for them appears to be pretty lightweight stuff, akin to balsa. The glass looked newish, too. All good. This is a clock for me to look through, adjust and learn from. The...
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    String Replacement & Case Treatment for Pillar and Scroll by Ephraim Downs

    Thanks again for all the info and suggestions on the Charles Stratton wood works clock I posted here last week. I found the correct weights, hung them and started the pendulum. And it immediately came to life, striking and keeping time. I doubled down on my luck and tried the same with another...
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    Lead weights for Charles Stratton wood works clock

    Thanks, RM, Tom, Mike and Andy for your observations and advice. The small details matter, and it is good to get a sense of what I have, from where it came, and how it may have been altered over its nearly 200-year lifespan. I went back to the junk shop where I got the Stratton, and bought a...
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    Lead weights for Charles Stratton wood works clock

    Thanks, Andy. So, this clock is perhaps a last testament to the wood works era? I can't wait to get it going. An expert here in So. Cal has graciously offered to take me through restoration, so I don't screw it up. Today, I returned to the junk shop where I rescued this clock, and took home two...
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    Lead weights for Charles Stratton wood works clock

    Thanks, Andy. Will do the work on this. Made me think of something I saw yesterday on the NAWCC site about a label project of some sort.
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    Lead weights for Charles Stratton wood works clock

    Thanks, Jim. Like others, I was excited to post the pics of my clock before reading the threads. Found lots of good info. I found a couple of "lightweights" on Ebay that fall within this range. Part of the reason for buying this clock was that it was sitting on a dusty floor of a crowded junk...
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    Lead weights for Charles Stratton wood works clock

    Just bought my first wood works clock. The glass is cracked, but the price was right ($50), at least to me. I've read what I can about Charles Stratton here and elsewhere. This one has an alarm feature and is probably a 30-hr movement. I've not opened the plates. Going to wait until I read a bit...
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    Telechron Double-sided 17-inch dial Telechron with 24v coils

    Hi All: This baby came in the mail yesterday. I want to be able to plug it into the wall. From what I’ve read here, mostly in reference to 24v coils in Nu-Tone chime mechanisms, I need to find 120v coils for B-2 rotors to replace these. Anything else I should be aware of or consider? For those...
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    Plated Chelsea Clock case: How to clean w/o ruining finish?

    Hi All: This seems a bit more than tarnish; these are bumps. And what's more, they're on top of a Chelsea clock case that has a factory plating over the brass. Is there a way to remove the tarnish without ruining the original finish? Thanks for any advice...Tod
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    American Seth Thomas #117 movement parts?

    Thank you! Will give him a shout.
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    American Seth Thomas #117 movement parts?

    Good Morning! I have two Seth Thomas #117 movements that need fourth wheels. (Probably made of "unobtanium," as Ron Bechler used to say.) But any advice on who might be an ST parts person would be very much appreciated. Thank you! Tod
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    Seikosha Clock - Marble

    Found this on Ebay pretty cheap for how attractive it is. The marble is beautiful and is undamaged. Clock wound with ease and has been keeping good time for the past four hours. Twelve inches in length, about seven inches high and 2.5 inches front to back. Weighs in at 9.5 lbs. Brass is a little...
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    Running fast after shipment

    I've had a Chelsea, Seth Thomas and another unidentifiable ship's clock sent to me through the mail over the last several months. All seem to run fast, really fast, when I get them, then appear to "settle down" and keep relatively good time after a few winding periods. All this without too much...
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    Dating this Waterbury

    Thanks very much for your thoughts on this clock. I don't have a copy of the book David mentioned, so I can't look up the German monograms. I'll look around for the book, however. The clock case struck me as German, since I've seen those kinds of markings on the hinge and bezel of other German...
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    Dating this Waterbury

    Posting pics of movement as requested. Have never seen a Waterbury like this. Does anyone have a definitive ruling on the markings and movement that might help date this thing? Thanks!! PS: This clock came from Great Britain.
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    Waterbury Clock markings

    Here's a few more pics of a clock I've acquired. Folks seem to agree it is a Waterbury, but differ on the date. Here are a few more markings on the clock. Any ideas? Thanks very much!
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    Mystery Monogram

    Does anyone recognize this monogram from a brass clock c. 1930s-40s? Thanks!
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    Dating a Seth Thomas Navy Boat Clock

    It has a 3-inch dial. Very small. Jeweled movement. Old-fashioned gothic-type script "Seth Thomas" stamped on movement.
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    Dating a Seth Thomas Navy Boat Clock

    Here's a pic It is much older than 1973, but here is one pic. The movement is Seth Thomas. More pics of that to come. But any idea based on this pic?
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