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  1. manfromblan

    Fusee Set Up Question

    Appreciate the help, thanks
  2. manfromblan

    Fusee Set Up Question

    Is there a general rule of thumb for how much "wind" to set the mainsprings before starting to wind the fusee barrel? Such as 50 or 60%? Hope this makes sense, thanks.
  3. manfromblan

    Herschede 2 Weight 9 Tube Cable Question

    Appreciate the replies, will go with the .062, thanks again, Wayne
  4. manfromblan

    Herschede 2 Weight 9 Tube Cable Question

    Have one of these in for repair with a broken chime/strike cable. Weight for this train is 26lb. Checked with Griffens about replacement cable & all they have for this movement is .062 cable. My movement has .062 for the time train but the broken cable on the chime /strike is currently an...
  5. manfromblan

    Two weight chime issue

    The tension on the flat hammer Springs can be decreased slightly. Have found this helpful on this particular movement. Bending them back at the base will lessen the amount of power required for the cylinder to rotate, of course barring any other issues in the train. This movement is...
  6. manfromblan

    Problem with KWM Bushing Machine

    Just received a new center shaft (timesavers) for my bushing machine. Have had this machine 30 years & have replaced the shaft couple of times before. The one I just got is the OD of the shaft is too large to fit my machine, also the tool holder end the ID is too small & unable to accept any of...
  7. manfromblan

    Hand nut remover?

    Had the same issues. Made a tool out of cheap needle nose pliers. Cut off about a third of the pliers then drilled hole through the end. Just judge where to cut & hole size for general use. W orks good for me, hope this helps.
  8. manfromblan

    Early Czech Mvmt Strike Question

  9. manfromblan

    Another Hall of Shame Contender

    Some great engineering with the verge &suspension. Unusual piece on the hour cannon, almost looks like a watch part. Nice MS repair
  10. manfromblan

    Evil Vienna update

    Just finished one with similar problem. Movement was rough with some bad repairs. Even though it ran the swing & impulse was weak. Went through the time train again to make sure all was ok. Anyway the problem was that the pallets in the verge had been adjusted incorrectly. After the pallets...
  11. manfromblan

    Oh, nuts!

    Have run into this many times. The best option may be to take a nut that is close and re thread to the pendulum rod. If you have a brass nut you can start turning it on to the steel rod. Keep working the nut back and forth and the rod will act like a tap on the softer brass, a drop of...
  12. manfromblan

    Restraining clamp left in movement after servicing

    This just happened to me. At one time noticed i was missing one of my flat spring retainers. When and where it went mising I had no clue. Recently had a return customer with a T/O Seth Thomas double dial that had a problem with the calendar function. Said clock had always ran...
  13. manfromblan

    Cuckoo Cuckoo Nails

    Anyone know the size or where to purchase the small size nails/brads used on cuckoo clocks, like to fasten the dial etc? Thanks
  14. manfromblan

    Kienzle 2 Weight Chime clock

    Thanks for the replies, the pictures were as received, the adjuster was then set correctly & put in beat, running ok. Still looking for a guide to the correct weights.
  15. manfromblan

    Kienzle 2 Weight Chime clock

    Have this Kienzle in for repair and hoping someone is familiar with this movement. From the trademark it appears to be 1939 or later. Only has 2 weights but plays 4 notes on the quarter, 8 notes on the half, 12 notes on the three quarter - then no chime at the top of the hour - strikes the...
  16. manfromblan

    Morbier Clock Pendulum Length

    Am curious about the crown wheel escapements. What date ranges were they in use & when did they start changing to the anchor type?
  17. manfromblan

    EN WELCH Escapement ?

    Looks like you are missing the suspension spring. Where the pendulum rod is connected to the movement with that loop there should be a spring solidly attached along with the pendulum rod. Without a spring the escapement is not going to work properly.
  18. manfromblan

    I have been converted.

    I have a set of channel locks with a piece of wood glued to each jaw. Easily adjusted for different size barrels & quick to snap the caps in, works great for me.
  19. manfromblan

    Whizzing noise in strike train on Regula 34 day movement

    If the fly is not off center look at the next wheel down with the stop pin. Sometimes the stop lever can get bent and rub against that wheel.
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