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  1. David S

    American Workshop F101 Question

    In support of Tom's suggestion. When I started out I found a guy on ebay that had a bunch of clock movements in his barn. After a few emails he agreed to send me about 5 American and Asian movements with all the parts in tact if possible. I didn't want any cases since I don't collect them and...
  2. David S

    Seth Thomas American Help with info on Seth Thomas shelf clock

    Finally back in the shop after putting the RV away for the winter. I have it running on the test bench and notice that the strike is striking way too fast. The fly is snug on the arbour and cleaned of oil etc. I notice that the time side mainspring is open loop and the loop end is just folded...
  3. David S

    Good afternoon/morning

    Welcome Charlie. It seems we have a few new members from the UK lately. A great group of folks here. Looking forward to your participation. David
  4. David S

    American Unusual gear construction - James Rodgers?

    Steve very interesting. Glad you are getting more info. David
  5. David S

    American Unusual gear construction - James Rodgers?

    Most involute gearing is used for reduction. Your application is similar to clocks where the driving gear is driving a smaller gear in order to get a speed increase. This cycloidal gearing is supposed to be more efficient for gear increase ratios. David
  6. David S

    Regular pivots vs mini pivots

    To answer your last questions, the answers are yes. Larger diameter pivots would last longer and be able to handle higher loads than smaller diameter loads for the same applied loads. Now the force of friction is proportional to the coefficient of friction times the normal force, so surface...
  7. David S

    I'm baaaaack...

    Welcome back Mike. Looking forward to what you have and will be working on.\ David
  8. David S

    Seth Thomas American Help with info on Seth Thomas shelf clock

    Thank you to all that are giving me information. Is it possible that the paper dial is not correct? When I look at the back of the zinc dial plate I see 4 small holes in about a 3 or 4" diameter circle as if something else may have been attached at one time....or the dial plate was used with...
  9. David S

    Seth Thomas American Help with info on Seth Thomas shelf clock

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for following up on this. I am not at home now so can't check for holes, but will do next time I am home. The only extra hole I saw is down were I removed the gong to get a better picture of the label. There was one extra hole in that area. David
  10. David S

    Seth Thomas American Help with info on Seth Thomas shelf clock

    Hi folks, A customer brought me an old Seth Thomas clock in reasonable condition and he would like some more info on it. It has the round movement and stamped Plymouth on the front plate. The dial has a zinc dial pan, but the dial itself is thick paper glued to the dial pan. The label is in...
  11. David S

    English New member

    Welcome to the forum Chris, I think most folks here will ask for pictures so that we can be more accurate as to exact model. You can see the "FROM PC" box at the bottom of your reply post in order to select files from your computer. David
  12. David S

    clock Repair By the Numbers

    Looks like KWM reamer size / L bushing number. David
  13. David S

    Help identify New Haven clock

    The hanging wire coming down diagonally to the lower right corner is for advancing the strike during time setting. David
  14. David S

    Sherline Dealers?

    I think Mark Butterworth, here is also a dealer. David
  15. David S

    Help with inherited clocks

    Welcome to the forum KKM, If you want more up to date information on the value there is a separate area at the bottom of the main page for value inquiries. David
  16. David S

    Seth Thomas Gallery with a broken hinge

    Without having it in my hands I can't tell from the pics how it was originally secured to the bezel. I don't see any sign of solder on the mating side of the bezel which is concerning. However having said this I am not sure I would trust soft solder ONLY for this application. I would try...if...
  17. David S

    How to post on whats it worth?

    Welcome David. When you went down to the section for values, in the blue section with print at the top of the 4 areas did you click on agree etc? David
  18. David S

    Clock Repairs

    WOW! Nice to hear Peter, and thank you for sharing your experience. David
  19. David S

    Clockwork toy train repair

    Would this happen to be one of those friction "wind up" toys where there is a small pinion driving a large stamped sheet metal gear and a fly wheel? And the pinion gets chewed up? David
  20. David S

    Need advice on who can make six sets of hands for me

    Jim, have you tried modifying a sewing machine to make a filer? Jay Fortner posted some of his modifications on here and I also made one. Mainwheel Repair David
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