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  1. Pete Cronos

    Cowells CW90 vs Sherline for Watchmaking

    What problems does anyone see in using the Sherline T-Rest on their Sherline lathe? It is simialr to the one on a watchmakers lathe. No it does not offer flip over but is solid but adjustable.
  2. Pete Cronos

    Quick Change or Piston Tool Posts for WW lathes

    I recently purchased a very nice QCTP with several holders for my Sherline lathe. It will not work on my Levin 10MM lathe since the cutter bit sets above center on the Levin. I do not think that it can be modified any to get the cutting bit low enough to work. I sure wish it would. As stated...
  3. Pete Cronos

    Tool and Tool Parts Wanted

    I recently picked up a Levin Offset Head # 0662-03. I did find it listed in one of their catalogs under contact lens tooling. It is listed as having a male #2 B&S taper. I am looking for tooling such as a drill chuck, and other items that have a female #2 B&S Taper.
  4. Pete Cronos

    Sherline cross slide not feeding

    I believe that the brass piece should be inside the lathe saddle that the threaded rod goes through. See These pages The best I remember is the...
  5. Pete Cronos

    Thornton horological cutters for clock wheelcutting

    Contact Keith at "Keith Williamson" <>, He has and he sales Thornton cutters Pete from Arkansas
  6. Pete Cronos

    Watchmaker Tweezer search

    Thanks guys, Yes there are several Brass tweezers listed on eBay and from the vendors but not a Dumont Style 5 or #5. This is a tool that NAWCC list on it tool list for a watch repair course that I will be going to. Pete from Arkansas
  7. Pete Cronos

    Watchmaker Tweezer search

    I am searching for a source for a good Quality BRASS Style 5 tweezers. I would prefer Dumont but will consider other brands. Do you have any for sale or know of a source. I have checked the normal supplier but no results. Pete from Arkansas
  8. Pete Cronos

    8mm lathe retailer

    Contact Keith at He normally has a decent selection. Pete from Arkansas
  9. Pete Cronos

    Watch Tools Online

    Marty You mentioned searching for parts for your clock when you found watch tools on line. Just so all will know is that he does not normally sale clock or watch parts just tools. At times he may have a few parts for sale at a regional that he has got when he purchased a group of tools. Keith...
  10. Pete Cronos

    Watch Tools Online

    Keith of Watch Tools Online is very reliable The reason he is closed is that he is moving from TN to GA. I just talked to him at the Daytona regional and he hopes to have his moved completed in the next week. He has packed all of his tools and that is the reason he is closed. Pete from Arkansas
  11. Pete Cronos

    Moseley Lathe Questions

    You asked about upcoming marts in the Dallas Area. The closest will be in Mesquite on March 1-2. It is best to be at a NAWCC Mart on opening morning. Lots of items sell early and some vendors also leave early. The second day normally has a lot less vendors and several pack up and leave early...
  12. Pete Cronos

    Bushing with a milling machine setup

    Great work Doc. Photos are also great. As you said Jerry shares lots of ways to accomplish different task. We all decide if and when we adapt any of them to our use. Pete from Arkansas
  13. Pete Cronos

    Peerless Lathe Colletts

    Look at May not be the cheapest but will be quality if he has any that you need available. Pete in Arkansas
  14. Pete Cronos

    Collet for 8mm lathe...

    Have you tried this site? Hope he has what you need
  15. Pete Cronos

    Long WW Collets on Sherline?

    If the long collets fit into the adapter then your drawbar will be to long. Then you will have to put a spacer or washers to take up this space caused by the long collets. When you reamed out your collet adapter you made it so it will accept 8mm collets. That is Sherline item 1163 I believe. I...
  16. Pete Cronos

    Sherline microscope question

    I was wondering if anyone has purchased the new microscope for their Sherline Lathe or Mill recently? It appears that they changed the scopes that they were selling and I was wondering how the new one is working for anyone. Any info appreciated.
  17. Pete Cronos

    Can someone identify make/model of this lathe

    I have a Favorite No. 2 model single pedestal type. It has the lever feed tailstock. A nice unit. I have been searching for a book on it with no results. Found a couple that showd the lathe but no details. Not positive what oil to use in the headstock bearings. Also not sure how to determine...
  18. Pete Cronos

    Instrument lathe

    The Levin D 10MM collets can be had for around $20-$25 each at the regionals. They are a few guys that have them available at select shows. Always interested in LATHE INFO so please share what you can. Thanks Pete Cronos ARKANSAS
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