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  1. Altashot

    Escape wheel installed backwards?

    Thank you for all the replies. It is indeed the Brandon model. It was given to my client in 2018 and it ran until a little while ago. He explained that it ran fine and kept time but suddenly developed sort of a double tick and became unreliable, sometimes running for a few days or only for a...
  2. Altashot

    Escape wheel installed backwards?

    Is it just me or is this escape wheel turning backwards? It a Arthur Pequegnat time only drop octagon. Thank you.
  3. Altashot

    What screwdrivers do you suggest

    I don’t like magnetic screwdrivers, sometimes it’s a blessing, but most of the time, it’s a curse. I also don’t like to bring anything magnetic near a clock. It may or may not matter, but I don’t like it, and I don’t do it. I use this instead. long tweezers I bought from a medical supply place...
  4. Altashot

    Is there a minutes advancement tool?

    Thank you for the info Old Rivers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a let down that size. …And just when I thought I had seen everything…:D M.
  5. Altashot

    Is there a minutes advancement tool?

    I don’t know what let down tool has bits that go that small? I normally just use the nut or a long tapered pin. M.
  6. Altashot

    What screwdrivers do you suggest

    I just grind the blades of my standard screwdrivers to fit. I use a small grinding stone in my Dremel and hollow grind the blade as per the picture. That way, the screwdriver applies pressure at the root of the screw slot preventing the head from being chewed up. Exaggerated for clarity. M.
  7. Altashot

    Adjusting Anchor Pallets Position in Seth Thomas 86T Movement while springs under power...

    Alligator clips work well in some instances. M.
  8. Altashot

    Amazing pendulum amplitude after re bushing verge and escape wheel

    Totally agree. I’ve experienced the benefits myself. sometimes I feel like I should make it a standard operating procedure, like pivot polishing and pegging, especially on Urgos 32xxx series. I haven’t yet, but I think I might, whether it seems to need it or not. I know someone who always...
  9. Altashot

    Amazing pendulum amplitude after re bushing verge and escape wheel

    I’m with you on bushing escape wheel and verge. Sometimes when it seems that it won’t work despite your best efforts, bushing those 2 fixes it, even when they don’t seem to need bushings. M.
  10. Altashot

    Warning Wheel Weakness

    I think that the hammer is already lifted and just about to drop at warning. The train may have difficulty starting if it’s preloaded by the hammer, it normally needs a bit of ramp up time before it starts to lift the hammer. Can you change the wheels timing to allow such ramp up? M.
  11. Altashot

    Spring Retainer Split

    I get mine from Metal Supermarket. They should have all sizes. M.
  12. Altashot


    The best way, to be absolutely sure, is to measure the distance between the bottom of the can to the lid when closed. It’s not easy to accurately measure but here’s a method. use a bolt, rod, nail or whatever else you find that will fit in the arbour hole. A close fit is preferable for best...
  13. Altashot


    Well, one side of the bushing is flanged. That’s the side that goes against the spring. You could put just the arbour in and see how much end play you get. However, I still think that the flange goes in. M.
  14. Altashot

    I tilted my lathe and other mods.

    I installed a power feed. I used a computer power supply and a small geared down motor rated for 3-24VDC. Add a few switches and projects boxes and I’ve got an inexpensive power feed. I can select direction and speed. Speed goes from “pretty ok” on 12V to “really slow” on 5V to “I should have...
  15. Altashot

    Cuckoo German Cuckoo Clock Mystery Part

    I think it’s the latch to keep the bird door closed during transport. M.
  16. Altashot

    Tough "Dog" ... the most difficult repair you ever conquered.

    I once repaired a platform escarpment on a Smiths ships bell clock. For some unknown reason, the balance staff had a broken pivot and the impulse jewel was missing. All I had for a jewel, stolen from another platform, was a little longer and thicker than the original and I couldn’t find the...
  17. Altashot

    I tilted my lathe and other mods.

    It’s been a couple weeks now and I’m loving it. M.
  18. Altashot

    Positioning the center shaft cam

    Before removing it, I try to find a visual clue as to where to reinstall it. Is one of the lobe pointing to a pivot hole, a protrusion, any “landmark”? then I reinstall it by eye as close to where it was and fine tune with the hand bushing. M.
  19. Altashot

    I tilted my lathe and other mods.

    No, I haven’t tried a lower table, the height is fixed, but my chair is adjustable. I did try a higher chair setting, which helped, but working with my eye glass mounted loupe, meant that I had to be hunched over more, which is a pain in the neck, literally. I already have a bit of a rounded...
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