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    The "Dollar" watch, show me some of yours.

    I always liked this one. Don't know if it qualifies as A Dollar Watch; Marked New Haven Clock Co. Tru Time Tellers Football Timer. Works great.
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    Elgin Pocket Watch

    I would recommend Rob Carter at
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    What do the scratched numbers inside the case mean?

    That's probably true. Watches were serviced every few years.
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    American PW Waltham 18size 7 Jewel Grade 18

    Thanks all. I appreciate the help.
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    American PW Waltham 18size 7 Jewel Grade 18

    Can anyone tell me if the Pallet fork from a 18 Size 15 Jewel Grade 81 is interchangeable with the above.
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    Proper dial for Waltham grade 40

    Here is one I have that might work. Dial Feet 2, 22, 39. Let me Know if you want it.
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    Anyone recognize this case maker

    Thanks Tom and Jerry for the additional info. I appreciate it.
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    Anyone recognize this case maker

    I see it now. It was so obscure, I didn't recognize it. Thank you.
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    Anyone recognize this case maker

    Houses Hamilton 12s 910.
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    Can Anyone identify this Case maker?

    I'm guessing Star Watch Case Company. It houses a hunting 6 Size New York Standard. Thanks for the help.
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    Pocket watch crystals

    Discolored in my opinion. I don't know of any tinted crystals.
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    Presentation on and Exhibit of Civil War Timepieces near Pittsburgh PA

    Congratulations Clint. I will make every effort to attend.
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    What 40 year time period does the majority of your pocket watch collection fall into

    Re: What 40 year time period does the majority of your pocket watch collection fall i 1900 - 1930.
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    My First Pocket Watch

    Here is what I have on it: Manufactured by the Keystone Watch Co., owner of Philadelphia Watch Case Co. which purchased U.S. of Waltham in 1901. Part of a run of about 1000 produced serial numbers 779000-780000. As usual Tom nailed it.
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    My First Pocket Watch

    Found in my Mother in laws belongings. Belonged to my father-in-law whom I never met. U.S. Waltham. Restored and running.,
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    Old Elgin Grade 57 Pocket Watch - Family Heirloom

    The first thing I'd try is to push the regulator to the center. Then check the timing. As was previously stated whether to repair it is purely personal.
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    New York Standard New Era Watch with Cadillac 1906 dial

    There was a NY Standard New Era - 11 Jewel 16 size made. The Dial looks to me like a decal added later along with Cadillac 1908.
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    Elgin 6S movement with conversion dial

    Re: I can't attach a photo. Only comes up numbers. Any help would be appreciated. Believe the data base.
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    Howad Miller 340--020 Repair

    I am looking for recommendations for repair of the above in the Pittsburgh Pa area. Any help is appreciated.
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    A curious 1892 Vanguard

    I like the dial that's on the watch.
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