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  1. Berry Greene

    Seiko Mickey Mouse quartz watch

    Hiya! For a lasting repair a replacement movement is usually the only reliable way. Very near the top of my list of advice is to take static precautions when you open up a quartz. You had better believe it can amount to 1000's of volts and will damage the silicon chip crystal. Yes, yes, I...
  2. Berry Greene

    Hairspring frequency formula/rule of thumb

    Wow - so quick! Thanks gents very much appreciated. I have that link up. Very good too. No more questions..... Yet! Best regards, BjG
  3. Berry Greene

    Hairspring frequency formula/rule of thumb

    Huge respect to both Karl Mansson & Graham Morse for this little discourse on tic-ing and toc-ing and full acknowledgement of how hard it can be to make the words work right. Just out of interest I should explain my electronics background has me look at a cycle or Hertz as one complete back &...
  4. Berry Greene

    Weight versus rate

    All helpful posts for which I thank you. I am feeling better about myself for adding weight to the balance even though my clock is just for learning on. I'd prefer it to run fairly well and I need to know when to quit and move on. I have this feeling about life that you can chase for too much...
  5. Berry Greene

    Weight versus rate

    Interesting stuff. Thanks all. BjG
  6. Berry Greene

    Old PW Crystal-Fitting Trick: Soft-Solder the bezel...!

    Oh glory - I'm just glad its not my job! Sometimes very difficult to remove every last little bit. I take the point about burns. I have had many. Once when I was young (23) a molten piece of lead solder went in my eye. I got away with it but glasses are good. So too are gloves in some...
  7. Berry Greene

    Old PW Crystal-Fitting Trick: Soft-Solder the bezel...!

    Solder removal - very difficult. In a bezel - blimey! I know this is a late response so its just non-specific I suppose. If the bezel can be removed to leave just metal I would be inclined to try and heat the whole thing and then when the solder melts wipe it out quickly with damp cloth. If its...
  8. Berry Greene

    Tips on putting plates together without breaking pivots?

    Thank you Rob. I don't usually either and I agree slightly different heights. I start with the heavy ones and when T1, T2 T3 in place (usually) I work towards the EW & lever. I also try to tease the located pivots to be more central between the plates as they wont come out if T4 etc wants to...
  9. Berry Greene

    Tips on putting plates together without breaking pivots?

    Its actually rather uplifting to read of others endeavours and their tricks. I find the tip 1) "Be rested before tackling this" has sensible a ring to it. I say its my age that makes this so necessary! I can't remember ever breaking a pivot during reassembly but I have broken a balance stem...
  10. Berry Greene

    Mechanical WW Manual cleaning solutions

    I would like to thank you all particularly Glenhead (amazing write up), for your excellent contributions. I don't have any questions left now........ except "What time is it?" Brilliant stuff! Best regards, BerryG
  11. Berry Greene

    Adhesive for crystals - what is best?

    Hi Graham. Sorry for delay - huge distractions! (I used to get an email when anyone posted but not now. I need to chase that up). I apologise for my photography. I have rushed it. Hope its good enough. BRASS OCTAGONAL POCKET WATCH With pin-pallet escapement. Now re-assembled but out of case...
  12. Berry Greene

    Adhesive for crystals - what is best?

    Warning graciously accepted Graham. I can see it would be tricky and no I don't have the right kit or skills for the job. Its just a shame that I've got it so near yet so far. The poor quality movement isn't really worth a great deal of work. As it isn't a worthy piece I am now wondering if I...
  13. Berry Greene

    Adhesive for crystals - what is best?

    Wow - thanks for that idea. That's heat resistant glass - right? I'll see if I can get some. What a great solution. Regards BerryG
  14. Berry Greene

    Adhesive for crystals - what is best?

    Hello Graham Thanks for that expert info. That job made me panic a bit. I have got away with fitting the crystal. However, I ought to admit that the replacement acrylic, whilst being the exact size needed, might not have had an ideal edge profile. I can see that if it was sharper, (thinner), it...
  15. Berry Greene

    Adhesive for crystals - what is best?

    I'm surprised there isn't more on this. Setting an acrylic crystal. I did what Terri did almost exactly. Cleaned it out and used GS Hypo Cement which exudes a fine bead. I made some elementary mistakes though. 1) You apply the glue to the bezel, - NOT the acrylic crystal! 2) A means to hold...
  16. Berry Greene

    Aging of Quartz Modules

    Yes quartz does drift slightly with age & temperature. Some manufacturers use un-refined quartz that is somewhat fast. This discrepancy is adjusted in the factory by entering a permanent correction value into a register within the electronics. When a second of +ve error has built up the second...
  17. Berry Greene

    Electric WW Missing Casio bezel

    I would say try the local tip as there will be millions of them there. I don't say that only because the bezel is the one valuable bit of it and they have become sought after collector's items. Like gold dust they are now with inadvertent rare earth elements within. Some glow in the dark. One...
  18. Berry Greene

    Electric WW Casio G-Shock

    You seem to have been deluged with replies on this one! I hope you still have your watch. The bulb is probably shorted. I think by 1993 they had not got cheap LEDs yet. It's a tungsten filament type much like Edison's lamp and just about as reliable. You don't use it as a torch silly! BTW your...
  19. Berry Greene

    Electric WW Replaceing a Casio watch battery

    I just had one hell of a time "booting the watch back into life" after a battery swap. It is going now but I really don't know what I did to make it work? I'm thinking about next time. Oh yeah - it could be 5 more years as it a lithium cell. So what's the procedure then? Good bracelet, crap...
  20. Berry Greene

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution for Hand Cleaning?

    T Thank you again Graham for that tip. I shall watch out for those pivots when I get to them. The work on those wheels shows just how clever some people can be in any age. We have had some wonderful craftsmen haven't we. It must feel like a privilege to be able to work on classy stuff like...
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