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    Photos of any automobile balance wheel clocks?

    Vintage car clocks are available on Ebay
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    John Wilding.

    Sad news, He will be missed,he lived a long and fruitful life. I also have and have enjoyed many of his books. RIP
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    American New Haven Whitney Banjo clock

    Question for owners of the Whitney Banjo clock. It came in two models, the just plain "Whitney" and the "Whitney Duo". Question is: does the duo strike on two rods at the same time or is it a "bim bam" strike. I was brought a Whitney Duo case without a movement. With a little luck and a lot of...
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    Please help with unique clock ID, large sweeping seconds dial with smaller dial insid

    Re: Please help with unique clock ID, large sweeping seconds dial with smaller dial i The arbor for the second hand is in the middle of the twelve on the smaller dial. I also would like to see the inards. Curly
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    Unmarked "Skeleton" movement. Could it be a home made project?

    I don't think it's Chinese, most of those have a fusee movement and the hands don't look chinese either. but what do I know...just my opinion. Curly
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    4th of July Giveaway

    Scottie, I will give 87 a try. Thanks, Curly
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    Clockmaker and age

    Thanks to everybody who replied Curly
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    Clockmaker and age

    Dean, The clock is not in my possession at this time, it's in my friends shop, and the hood is in many pieces, but the lower case is mostly okay. I found one that is almost exactly alike in one of your old posts and will attach the picture. thanks, Curly
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    Clockmaker and age

    Thanks for the replies so far, actually if you look close at the dial there is another "O" at the end of loughbor, so it actually says loughboro. curly
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    Clockmaker and age

    A friend and I picked up this longcase clock over the weekend and I am requesting any information as to maker and age. I have attached three pictures of the dial and movement. The hood of the case is pretty well trashed and in need of extensive restoration. Apparently sometime in its life it...
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    Just what are you ?

    Hi all, If we are going to start off a 12 step program, I will start, I am Curly and I have an addiction, clocks and watches, I buy what I like when I can afford it and repair the ones that do not work when I get them. I generally don't sell anything,although about 30 years ago I sold a couple...
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    What is that??

    On some of the Korean clocks I have seen this used with a rubber band hooked to the pendulum rod to keep it steady during shipping so the suspension spring doesn't get bent/broken. Curly
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    Thanksgiving Giveaway!

    I'll try 08, Thanks Scotty Curly
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    Labor Day Giveaway !

    You can mark me down for 66 and a large thank you Scottie Curly
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    July 4th giveaway!

    I will try #9 and a thanks to you Scottie and your loyal helper Bong. Curly
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    Today,s clock finds.

    Kevin, Good finds, I think if you do a search of the board, Scotty had a good tutorial about the foliot clocks a while back. Curly
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    Oriental Clocks

    Charles, Thanks for the link. Curly
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    Oriental Clocks

    Just happened to realize that I had this one sitting on a shelf in the archives (corner of basement). Couldn't find the trademark on the dial in the Dec. bulletin. Very faded label reads that it was made by the J.O. Clock Co. Ltd. in Japan.
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    Identify Movement

    Don, I have a movement exactly like the one you pictured, it is marked Ansonia Clock C on the horizontal rib about in the middle. It came out of a short drop type clock. Hope this helps. Curly
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