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    Watch Factory Unions

    With a little more imagination the hands would have been placed on 7 and 2.:thumb: Joe
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    Another Hampden Private Label

    I recently acquired this 18s, 11j, stem wind, lever set Hampden signed F. F. Ward & Co., Mt. Vernon, Ohio. I find it interesting that the serial number (106296) is much lower than on a lot of KW/KS Hampdens I have seen. Under the dial is a patent date of May 28, 1878. I am not sure what the...
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    Hardy & Hayes PL Illinois

    Almost a month ago I posted a question regarding an unsigned Illinois private label. At that time I thought the label was Handy & Hays. I came up empty as far as to who Handy & Hayes might be. While trying to get better pictures I discovered the name was NOT Handy but HARDY. When I googled...
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    Unsigned Illinois?

    I want to thank everyone who responded to my question. I am happy to say that I was the high, and only, bidder. I will try to get better pictures after I receive it. As for the dial, hopefully it is not in too bad shape. I have Googled Handy & Hayes but only found one reference. There is a...
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    Unsigned Illinois?

    This appears to be an unsigned Illinois 12 size. Can anyone tell me anything about it? TIA, Joe
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    992b dials

    According to the data bases I have looked at C297876 would have been made around 1950. It would have been almost two decades old when purchased. That may account for the crazing. Am I wrong? Joe
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    Disguised Origins

    Jerry, I am wondering if this is an example of the type watch you are referring to? As you can see it appears to be a Seth Thomas model 14, 6s, but is labeled Sentinel USA. It is also marked 17 jewels but it only has 7 functional. The 5 cap jewels seen are non functional and there are no...
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    Hampden Dial Question

    Thanks for all the replies. I have thought that since the font appears to be exactly the same the two dials were near the same age. However I have no idea if this is a reasonable assumption.:?| Thanks again, Joe
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    Hampden Dial Question

    Don't we have any Hampden people here???? :?| Joe
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    Hampden Dial Question

    This is the original dial. Joe
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    Hampden Dial Question

    I have a Hampden North American Railway, serial # 1560975 that has major damage to the dial. I have found another dial that is very similar to the damaged one except it has Canton, Ohio printed below the Hampden Watch Co. label. I have not been able to locate another dial with Canton, Ohio on...
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    Waltham size 0 hands

    Emma, I also have an 0s Waltham on which the bow swivels around the pendant. Mine is in a Keystone, J. Boss, 25 year, case. The bow, its self, is firm as it should be. Mine also needs hands. Photo available if needed. Regards, Joe
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    Railroad B&B Royal 16S Case - gold content?

    I believe B & B Royal were 20 year cases. I have a South Bend Gr. 227, 21j that is housed in a B & B Royal case that is marked Warranted 20 years. It does not, however, state the karat of the gold. Joe
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    Chronology of Elgin RR Pocket Watch Dials?

    Ralph, Look here for information on the star and the dp on Elgin dials. I think you will find it informative. [url] Joe
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    How do you carry your pocket watch?

    Melus, May I suggest that you put a pen in your shirt pocket, which will be on the left side unless the shirt has two pockets, then take the pen out with first your left hand then your right. I think you will have the answer:thumb: Joe
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    Hampden - North American Railway on Ebay

    The same seller had an openface N.A. Railway that sold one day earlier for quite a bit more than the hunter. The serial number on it was 2279885. It had a double sunk RR dial in excellent condition. The item number is: 180110739770 Joe
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    14K 585 Fine

    Actually 1 micron is one thousandth of a millimeter or one millionth of a meter. A one micron layer would be considerably thicker than one millionth of an inch. Joe
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    Hamilton 992B last procuction

    There is currently a 992B on Ebay that has serial #525298 an increase of 40 over the previous highest number. Joe
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    Continental Watch Question

    I just picked up this old Continental Watch Co. 18s watch. I bought it for the case but find that, even with a broken staff, it runs strongly dial down. I am curious about the maker. It appears to be Swiss but it is in a Fahy's Oresilver #1 case bearing a Feb. 19th 1884 patent date. The logo I...
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    992 production dates?

    Henry's dates are correct. Look here [url] for a second opinion. Joe
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