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    New haven movement needed

    I need a movement long drop new haven 8 day time only spring marked 19 if you have 1 please contact me.
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    Older Clock Parts Wanted Posts

    Anyone have hetschede 5 tube movement parts I need the the inner fan gear strike side thanks Troy
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    Herschedes 5 tube movement part needed

    I have a kohl made 5 tube and the internal fan and gear are missing was told a hershedes part might work any one have a junk movement with the wheel i need in it thanks Troy
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    Kroeber wall clock?

    I have a kroeber wall clock it is a cabnet gallery model walnut with calender . part of the calender is missing on the movement and the hand . older paper dial not sure if its orig? Ill post pics soon. Thanks Troy
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    German kuehl 5 tube fly and gear missing

    Purchased the very nice tallcase by kuehl 5 tube got home the fly Arbor was in an envolope with a broken pivot and the gear was missing any ideas ? Thanks Troy
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    sessions regulator #7 ???

    i would like pics if any one has it of the clock and especially the movement thank you:)
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    sessions regulator #7 ???

    hi all anyone out there have this clock? it was sold with a pinwheel movement its in trans book next to the #6reg i need some more info any help many thanx Troy:D
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    clocks stolen URBANA OH

    Hi all , i live in urbana ohio i was robbed yesterday of 3 wall clocks seth thomas school house in walnut time strike and calender all orig, perfect sessions store reg #1 in oak 10 inch dial time only all orig. and a perfect zan dam hand painted in maroon with accents 2 weight also about 12 to...
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    Post your Kroeber Clocks Here

    here is my #33 regulator thanks all i am thinking of selling this clock . sometimes they have to go : (
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    st weight movement ID help

    hello all here is a st weith movement 30 tooth escape wheel any idea what clock it was for??? thanks Troy[/ATTACH]
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    welch #11 info please

    anyone have some pics of a #11 welch of the movement and pendulum dial etc? also pendulum bob size etc please I am in need of the dial for this welch 11 thanks Troy
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    Ingraham Gallery

    I also love gallery clocks if any time you part with it : ) remember me it would look good next to my seth thomas same case rare to find the step back case clocks with small dials .. super clock thanks
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    st and sons

    hello all i picked this clock up a few weeks ago its a seth and sons very nice clock the back door is missing any idea what it looks like ? im going to sell it soon thanks troy
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    Post Your H. Endler Clocks Here

    Re: vienna reg movement ID here is a pick of the clock beidemeir period.thanks Troy
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    Post Your H. Endler Clocks Here

    Re: veianna reg movement ID ill try and get the pick up soon thanks troy
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    Post Your H. Endler Clocks Here

    vienna reg movement ID I am adding a few pics this may be a 30 day runner as ran 3 days with only a little bit of weight drop... the marking looks to say schuts marke with like HE co or ME co any help thanks Troy
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    tall case ???

    hey guys the photo are from my cell phone, the small indiator is a calender. ill try and get some more pix soon thanks Troy
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    tall case ???

    I took a few pics of a clock im looking at, about 6.5 feet tall did not get a pic of the movement but it is brass with a bell on top face looks to be brass with a calender in it case was plain with broken arch top ill add a few pics of it any thoughts on the clock? thanks Troy
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    mobier info

    hello here is a close up of my dial could you give me your best on what this says in english? also added a pic of the clock got it up and running for 4 days now and runs out very nice.thanks ahead Troy[/ATTACH]
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    mobier info

    Re: mobeir info Very correct on the #s there is what looks like an M6 marked inside the case on differant parts of the case... thanks agian Troy:o
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