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    Post Your Schlenker & Posner 400-Day Clocks Here

    Re: can someone help me identifying this anniversary clock While we all await John's arrival with the positive ID I would like to vote with Shut on it being Plate 1559. The suspension bracket is similar to Bracket 28 and, while K and O used 4 screws on most of the suspension spring guards this...
  2. J

    Kundo and Forestville Age Question

    Thank you John for your in depth explanation. You may have missed the mention of what appears to be a center punch mark on both of the plates about midway between the upper left suspension retaining screw and the winding ratchet. Surely there was a reason for it as it would be unlikely to mar...
  3. J

    Kundo and Forestville Age Question

    Shut, If I should tell you a rooster dips snuff you can look under his wing and find a snuff box. As you can see the only difference is the names. They both even have the center punch mark that is about half way between the left, upper, suspension spring guard screw and the winding ratchet...
  4. J

    Kundo and Forestville Age Question

    As stated the plates ARE identical EXCEPT for the name. Thanks John, From what I can find in the guide Plate 1107 was the only Forestville model made by Kundo. Is this correct and how long were they made? Joe
  5. J

    Kundo and Forestville Age Question

    I have a Kundo, Plate # 1367 and a Forestville, Plate # 1107. Both backs are identical except for the name. Both have pinned back plates. The base cups, however, are not the same. The Forestville has a narrow cup while the Kundo has the later, wide, cup. The guide dates these clocks c 1949. I...
  6. J

    Any idea as to why this sold so high.

    Two things jumped out at me. One, the use of tight cropping on the back plate photo so as to not show the production date. That may have screwed up the narrative. Two, for such a fine clock you would expect it to be complete including the suspension guard. Joe
  7. J

    Minimal rotation

    Bangs, I have one, a Kundo standard, that has been running for over 4 years with about 190 degrees rotation, If it ain't broke don't fix it!!
  8. J

    S. Haller (no Time Bomb) help

    I'm surprised that you have not gotten an answer to your questions. 1. Your clock has either Plate # 1520A or 1520AAA both c 1960 2. It uses a .003" suspension spring. The complete unit is Horolovar # 42 or 42A, either will work, the fork is the difference. 3. The one in your picture appears...
  9. J

    Problems with my $2 cutie

    Hey Bangs, Remember how you were told to NEVER mess with the eccentric pivot? That is exactly what you do when you remove the EW bridge from these small Schatz's for cleaning. Relocating the SWEET SPOT is sometimes a daunting task but it is there and it can be found. Just persevere. Have you...
  10. J

    keeping time at 7.5 beats per minute after wheel transplant?

    The clock is running as designed. Look at this thread. On page 2 is some discussion on The Half Beat Henn. Joe
  11. J


    The pendulum looks great Burkhard, in fact the whole clock looks great. Glad I could contribute to your restoration project. Joe
  12. J

    Anybody got a spare center shaft?

    Bangster, I may have one that will work. I have a Forestville, plate #1106 which is the same as the Hallcraft plate #1209. The only difference I see between 1209 and 1210 is the size of the escape wheel and the location of its pivot holes. See appendix 54 and 55. You can have the whole movement...
  13. J


    Burkhard, I have the #93 pendulum you need. I have sent a PM. Joe
  14. J

    Pair of 400-Day Clocks

    I know this subject had been well covered but I just ran across this picture in Practical Clock Repairing by Donald de Carle. I thought it was worth posting. Joe
  15. J

    Mini Henn Help!

    Peter, You may have a half beat Henn. This movement was discussed at length here: While the clock discussed was a Forestville, Plate 1117 it is identical to the Henn, Plate 1088 you are working with. Perhaps you will find the...
  16. J

    Putting battery Kundo in beat

    Which unit are you using and does the fork still have both tines? The original units had plastic upper and lower blocks as well as a plastic "fork" which was not a fork at all, just a pointer that the pawls in the unit would tweak. These pawls are able to slip so the pendulum operation, or lack...
  17. J

    Putting battery Kundo in beat

    While you wouldn't think it would matter, the thickness of the suspension spring does affect the rotation of the pendulum. I have one that has approx. 400 degrees of rotation. The spring is .0023". I had tried a .004" but had the same trouble you are now having. Joe
  18. J

    Please help indentify this 400 day clock

    Actually the spring should be 3.6 thou, (.0036"). :) Joe
  19. J

    Please help indentify this 400 day clock

    Pictures load fine for me but we need one more. A straight on shot of the backplate with the spring guard removed so the pivot hole locations can be seen clearly. Without any other marks identifying the maker is difficult. Joe
  20. J

    Hands on? Hands off?

    Bang, Have you checked the intermediate wheel? It doesn't come into play until the minute hand, bent washer and hand nut are all in place. Perhaps it is dragging a bit. Joe Disregard, I just re-read the last line of your post.
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