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    JOSEPH/ JOE RUGOLE, the greatest Slovenian - Canadian master watch and clockmaker, longtime correspondent and technical editor AWI

    I have read a lot of books and articles but his articles was among the best ones. Did you know him personally?
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    George Daniel's Watchmaking understanding!

    I wish I had a geometry teacher as good as you! even half as good as you could've changed the a lot.
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    George Daniel's Watchmaking understanding!

    Buddy! I really liked your drawings, it helped a lot. Thank you
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    George Daniel's Watchmaking understanding!

    Thanks for the answer. I believe it's just a simplified example to show the necessity of work concentricity of work that's why he didn't mentioned the arbor's diameter. let me give it a try! I drew what I could understand from the text. could you take a look to see if you get the same idea as I...
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    George Daniel's Watchmaking understanding!

    I was reading the Daniels' Watchmaking last night and there were a part of it that I can't quit understand. I assure you I did my best to understand it before I write this but it just doesn't make sence to me! if you could help me with that I will readlly appericiate that guys. here's the...
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    What is a "Lossier Terminal Hairspring"?

    Dear Jerry, May I ask which catalog were you refering to?
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    Damaskeening Terminology

    Does anybody know what abrasive tool were yúsed to make Damaskeening? Diamond charged wood or smth like that?!
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    Repairing an enamel dial

    Hello Sir, I know some artists who could repair any enamel dial a 100%. if you need any information about that you can let me know.
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