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    Interesting longines 18 size lever set

    I just picked this up it is an 18 size lever set private label longines for the American market . This is the first one I have seen. Are they common??
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    An early longines

    Wonderful information thank you so much
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    Pocket Watch Identification

    Graham is an expert you can take it to the bank he is correct always
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    An early longines

    One database says 1868 do you guys agree?
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    An early longines

    My friends I am having this one restored. Here is the serial number. Can someone date this for me 06682
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    What is the back story on this NAWCC Watch

    You are welcome rob my pleasure
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    What is the back story on this NAWCC Watch

    Rob pm me your address and I will give it to you for all the knowledge you have given me..dan
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    How safe are safety deposit boxes

    Yup my bank changed hands several times. My house deed and title search gone and no one knows where. I had to pay for new copies and a new title search when I wanted a home equity loan
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    An early longines

    I think you are right my brother. Hope to get it restored
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    An early longines

    just nailed it. Needs some work but it will live again. I love these old key winds
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    What is the back story on this NAWCC Watch

    This watch is unadjusted but keeps spot on time amazing
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    What is the back story on this NAWCC Watch

    I bought it just thought it was a decent watch for 25 bucks.
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    Help identify the movement maker.Patek??

    Dr. Jon is an expert you can count on him being right
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    What is the back story on this NAWCC Watch

    Wondering how it came about
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    Can anyone help identify this watch please?

    Trust Graham’s assessment he has forgotten more than most of us can ever learn and is the expert
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    Help with a longines

    Never mind it’s pinset has to be 1880s
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    Help with a longines

    can someone help me date this 14 size longines. Only number is 76 on the longines case, maybe 1880s ? Over banked needs work
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    What did I buy??

    Yea but it’s very collectible and part of watch history
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