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  1. Colin Drake

    Making a ceramic pivot file

    I got tired of pivot files wearing out or being ruined by someone uses them on tool steel. I was inspired by an old video(no longer available) I saw of Steve Nelson who did something similar with Arkansas Stone. I soon found that Arkansas stone just didn't hold up all that well, and had to be...
  2. Colin Drake

    Bushing Tool Machine for hobbyist

    On another note. I did clock repair full time for six years, and Junghans clocks scare me now more than ever.
  3. Colin Drake

    Bushing Tool Machine for hobbyist

    This what I did when the boss took the bushing machine so he could work from home during the first covid lockdown. The drill press, I think is about $100, but it had an incredibly accurate chuck. No wobble at all...
  4. Colin Drake

    Replacement screws for Chelsea Ship's Clock

    Timesavers had original Chelsea dial screws listed in their catalogue. That was a couple years ago. I don't see the screws online, but you could give them a call and see.
  5. Colin Drake

    Clockmakers Hall of Shame

    All this to attach an screw on bushing. Guess he couldn't get a screw in there without taking the thing apart. Funny thing though. Despite the explosive use of flux and solder, the "busing" fell off before I even touched it.
  6. Colin Drake

    Clock cloning, how common was it?

    Here they are. I looked for the Seth Thomas model that started this thread as well, but couldn't find it.
  7. Colin Drake

    Vernon Hall Clock/Cincinnati Time Recorder

    If any one has a Cincinnati time recorder movement, we could compare screws and other bits to see if we can find anything identical, or at least a trend in part design.
  8. Colin Drake

    Striking -primary Locking vs no primary locking

    With my authority, as a professional clock maker, I can say with certainty that I haven't even heard of the book. Sorry. If you could provide some more context we may be able to figure it out. Could it be referring be referring to the "warn?"
  9. Colin Drake

    Clock cloning, how common was it?

    I found it in a book the other day, but I cant quite remember. I could probably look up yours as well, but the book is at work right now.
  10. Colin Drake

    Evil Vienna update

    Yes, I said a whole lot more than I meant to, and didn't totally read it through. I am just glad that I was able to get a point in there somewhere.
  11. Colin Drake

    Evil Vienna update

    I would agree. When it comes to Vienna regulators that I get in for repair, roughly 1 in 10 have the escapement out of adjustment. It is always critical to confirm that the escapement is functioning properly. As far as troubleshooting clocks here is my advice for those looking to improve...
  12. Colin Drake

    Clock cloning, how common was it?

    Wait a second. Are you trying to suggest such reputable, humble American companies might stoop so low as to copy one another? Well I never! Just look at these. The Ansonia clearly has a darker finish.
  13. Colin Drake

    Movement from Swedish Mora clock

    I have also only seen them with steel plates, but considering the use of a worm drive (much quieter than a hand filed fly pinion), I would say they were probably trying to elbow their way into a higher price bracket.
  14. Colin Drake

    Movement from Swedish Mora clock

    If you look at the numbers in the date chapter ring, the color of the paint around each number seems just the slightest bit off. Almost as if someone decided they didn't like the font and painted over them. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but looking at my monitor from an...
  15. Colin Drake

    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    The serial number on these clocks is found on the back of the clock works. The clock works sit on a wooden board that is held in place with thumb screws at either end. I would leave the clock works attached to the board and just pull the whole board out. Then you will be able to see the back of...
  16. Colin Drake

    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    Neat. Lenzkirch made many such novelty clocks, and sold many movements to be cased by others. These "drum clock" movements were made to fit entirely within a hole its size, so the case makers wouldn't have to worry about making room for a pendulum. It was also much cheaper than any movement with...
  17. Colin Drake

    Salem german ships bell movement help

    Don't know too much, but here is that Swiss movement that Klokwiz mentioned earlier. It seemed like a pretty nice movement, but a little too compact for my taste.
  18. Colin Drake

    Gear Removal

    If you are not equipped to remove the springs from the barrel, you might be able to get away without cleaning them, but I would never clean them with the springs still in the barrel. I have heard too many stories. Getting water in there that you can't get out can, and will ruin the mainsprings...
  19. Colin Drake

    Gear Removal

    Yes. I use pry bars like these here. It is best to have the plates assembled for the removal. I always remove these In order to burnish the pivot, but It probably isn't necessary unless it is showing signs of wear. putting them back on can be tricky, and you will need to wait until you have the...
  20. Colin Drake

    The harder you look, the worse it gets.

    Thanks for the advice. We did do that. This all took place months ago. There was no way on earth I was going to feel good about that repair without buying a spare movement just for parts, and regardless, the customer never wanted it cleaned in the first place. It was only brought in to repair...
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