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  1. Jeff Hantman

    Chelsea Clock?

    Good afternoon everyone, picked this up No movement but was just wondering if anyone can help me with a rear wind rear set movement I referred to Andy's book....I believe the dial & case to be original, but not 100%
  2. Jeff Hantman

    Early Banjo

    Hope someone can shed some light I'm thinking Hatch or Owen Thinking Massachusetts not CT, but any help will be wonderful MANY THANKS
  3. Jeff Hantman

    English Pub Clock

    Good afternoon everyone, recently picked up this beauty, but I need a new fusee chain made, does anyone know of anyone who can do work Many thanks
  4. Jeff Hantman

    Seth Thomas Ships Clock

    Came across this unusual piece, anyone have any ideas, no winding arbors?
  5. Jeff Hantman

    Ansonia Jewelers Regulator

    Just picked this beauty up (1870's or '80's) Can't find in my Ansonia book, hope someone can help & many thanks
  6. Jeff Hantman

    Early Tall Case

    Good afternoon everyone. recently picked this up....the dial has what appears to be Wright.....Brimm The movement has no markings or trademark but the plate has either IEL OR ILL on it hopefully someone can help identify & date thanks
  7. Jeff Hantman

    Seth Thomas Clock

    Good afternoon, looking for a guard pin (escapement) for my Seth Thomas 5164 movement, hopefully some can help
  8. Jeff Hantman

    Glass Etching

    Good afternoon, I have a Sessions Home #2 And I'm looking to have a new piece of glass etched. I'm in CT, does anyone know of anyone specializing In this service MANY THANKS
  9. Jeff Hantman

    M. LOW (Chelsea "Comet")

    Good afternoon everyone Picked up this Comet, what's perplexing is that its marked both M. Low & Chelsea Just wanted to see if anyone would know why Movement is Chelsea 1959 MANY THANKS
  10. Jeff Hantman

    Chelsea "Carver"

    I'm looking to purchase, does anyone know of one for sale?
  11. Jeff Hantman

    1800's Carriage Clock

    Just picked this beauty up I think late 1800's, hopefully someone can provide further information Many thanks
  12. Jeff Hantman

    E Howard Ships Clock

    Not bad for $300 8" Dial...10" Solid brass case Hopefully someone has some info
  13. Jeff Hantman

    E. Howard

    Good morning, I'm having difficulty timing my E. Howard...Hopefully someone can tell me how we can set the stop works so we don't over wind & allow for full & wind & unwind many thanks
  14. Jeff Hantman

    French Tall Case

    Hope someone can help identify these pieces (No markings anywhere) This looks to be a marriage Dial, movement, and hands are 100% The case however didn't house those parts Many thanks
  15. Jeff Hantman

    E Howard Ships Clock

    The movement is 123 A 10" Early 1900's Porcelain Dial Just wanted to know if anyone has a beauty ring & any other info would help
  16. Jeff Hantman

    Seth Thomas (Ashcroft)

    This is an 8.5" dial with a #10 movement My concern is no made in USA under the numbers, just a serial number Anyone have any idea, its not serial number Or patent
  17. Jeff Hantman


    Just picked this up. Case not marked anywhere however the movement is I'm thinking Austrian but hopefully someone can help
  18. Jeff Hantman

    Seth Thomas Violin

    Newest pick....original 1885 Does anyone know why they were produced I know reproduced in 1975
  19. Jeff Hantman

    Ithaca Calendar Clock

    My Calendar isn't changing by itself Had the movement serviced, any idea what's off
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