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    unknown clock

    As Eric correctly pointed this is a Kienzle movement used in a massive Kienzle torsional clocks (brass cased and wodden wall cased). But sadly some butcher work on it and and maked a swing 30 day clock :( The base with pillars are typically found in Ph Hauck clocks and Juf ones.
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    Gustav Becker looking to get need advice on price

    The plate under pendulum suggest it is a wurth pendulum You have with this clock.
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    Lyre 400 day clock.

    It would be the first Kienzle ever noticed of Lyre version of pillars, I definitly think that here should be a Hauck or Juf movements.
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    Clock Identification

    It is a early Badische clock - In my opinion Huber never made any 400 clocks, was only a reseler of clocks made by others (and a experienced engineer that could provide interesting patents).
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    Anton Harder Clock ?

    Yes but right now it is operating max 14 days :(
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    Horolovar (duplicate post)

    Its a very, very sad news. Chris always helped when parts where needed and thru all these years I bought so many springs and wrote with him so many times. Kamil
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    Crane Month running clock

    Dear Weight Driven - any chance for promised pictures of the Crane clock of Your
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    Small collection of clocks (ChemyBro)

    This is jahresuhrenfabrik clock from 1886-1898 (after Harder stopped his early Europe production)
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    Torsion 400-Day, ATMOS, & Torsion Clock Parts Wanted

    Hello everyone, I just bought the Kienzle Miniature acorn pendulum and looking for the rest of the clock to complete. Maybe someone have this clock not original with the pendulum newle made (or without it), and could consider sell it? I attache my pendulums pictures:
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    S.B. Terry Torsion Clock

    Janek , thank You for extra picture of this rare example of early torsional clock
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    S.B. Terry Torsion Clock

    Janek any more pictures? backplate, any dial?
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    Anton Harder Torsion

    Really a mystery clock. For me it looks like it is a example that was stolen by some of workers and finished outside the workshop.
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    Large dial Becker

    Great work , now I know who to send parts for repair when have a broken one :)
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    mystery pendulum

    Now maybe You could find the rest of this clock with the other parts?
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    mystery pendulum

    Took some time to look at the old extra discs, but found the picture I was talking about - attached is the complete clock with this pendulum One one of the pictures we see the special bottom block.
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    mystery pendulum

    thanks for extra pictures, from what I remember and probably have somewhere on some extra computer disc I saw a complete clock with similar pendulum for sale - but it was quite long ago (4-6 years). Where is the pendulum hook that we mount this pendulum with the spring?
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    mystery pendulum

    How is it regulating, please send us the picture of inside and underneath of it.
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    Disk Pendulum Kieninger & Obergfell

    Mark the pictures of Kundo 387 are of a clock that I do not own, from what I rememeber I have somewhere the pictures of one more early Kundo that was sold on ebay with a unsigned GB pendulum - need to look for it on my computer disc. For now it is 3 standard Kundo clock with this pendulums (all...
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    Disk Pendulum Kieninger & Obergfell

    3 of my early Kundo clock beeing purchased in Germany and one in the UK, so I do not think that someone just really liked the Becker pendulums :)
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