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    Terry and Andrews Brass Mainsprings

    When a brass mainspring has a set to it, is it recommended to lay it out flat stretching it back out to give it more spring? I'm curious if work hardening will play a factor in this, which brass is susceptible to. I've got the first wheels and brass springs soaking in petroleum...
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    Waterbury Oxford mirrorside info needed

    Harold, Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you so much for taking the time to post a picture. Waterbury's base is different from Ansonia or New Haven. The base on the Waterbury clock has a routed profile that curves toward the front. Am still hoping someone will have a clear picture of a...
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    What kind of "veneer" is this?

    Centame, I'd be very careful and investigate this further before stripping or removing any finish. Tom Temple's Extreme Restoration nicely documents how many makers experimented with faux grains in the 1860s and 1870s. This would include the German manufacturers as well. In your first picture...
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    Waterbury Oxford mirrorside info needed

    Chris, Appreciate you taking the time to look up an post the pics. I've loaned out my books, so your picture helps. What I was hoping to find was an actual photograph that I could get some clear details of the design from. The customer has asked me to fix his clock. I will take some old...
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    Case finishing

    Bill Ward...I have the ultimate respect for you. Precisely well put. Craig
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    Waterbury Oxford mirrorside info needed

    Am looking for a clear picture of a Waterbury Oxford mirrorside clock base. The picture shows the parts that are missing that I will attempt to recreate. Thanks so much for your help. Craig
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    Seth Thomas Triple Decker Veneer Repair

    Eric, From the picture you posted last, the veneer is mahogany. However, the side view of the bottom shows rosewood veneer. Both veneer species were used on this type of clock, but rosewood was more prevalent. I've got one of these clocks. Why don't you let me send you a piece of mahogany...
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    Adamatine Repair

    Just a clarification on the enamels... The paint is applied to the chipped out area. Don't try to swirl the colors on the palette...all you'll get is a mess of undesireable colors. Apply the paint directly to the repair area without mixing the paint around too much or the colors will combine...
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    Adamatine Repair

    A recent post brought up the topic of the ST Adamatine repair. There are two methods that have been successful for me, and will list them below. Please feel free to add your experiences, as this message board is a great forum for education. Thankfully, Seth Thomas Adamatine clocks are...
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    Stain mixture for old (near black) mahogany

    Specifically, TransTint dyes are what I use to tint the shellac directly. As Jeff alluded to, they are concentrated...very concentrated. I used to wear gloves, but now I just try to be careful with their use. Scottie, the reference I made to pulling the finish off has to do with applying...
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    Stain mixture for old (near black) mahogany

    Are you working on a clock? What particular kind of clock are you working on? There are several options for making mahogany dark. I'll list a couple. 1. If you've got bare wood, I'd recommend using potassium dichromate. You can get it just as dark as you want. Nice thing about potassium...
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    Walnut Case Appearance

    Joe, I'll throw in my two cents. Applying the finish is done. Congratulations on using shellac. As a matter of fact, you can add a product to your shellac called "Shellac Flat", which is an agent that tones down the shine. Homestead carries it. Finishing is a multi-step process. Here's...
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    Ogee clock with missing veneer pieces

    Harold, There are other solutions that work better for oak. It's best to start with quarter sawn veneer, assuming that's what you've got. I mix several drops of Golden Brown TransTint dye in my shellac to to get a rich golden color. Just a little bit of dye added to the shellac will make a...
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    Ogee clock with missing veneer pieces

    Tom, The newspaper can overhang the edge of the clock a little, but keep it just shy of the knife edge repair joint so it doesn't interfere. One more thing...I apply hide glue liberally to the repair area after the replacement piece is set in place. The glue on the surface sticks somewhat to...
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    Ogee clock with missing veneer pieces

    Potassium Dichromate comes as orange-colored powder. Mix with hot water. Requires no neutralization and will keep for several least. Once applied, it takes about 10 minutes for the wood to reach the point to where the color stops changing. I guess about a 1/4 teaspoon of powder...
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    Ogee clock with missing veneer pieces

    Fred, Got a couple of questions that your answers may help guide you in the right direction: What kind of veneer? Mahogany and rosewood are the most common. Is the damaged area flat? Where is the damage? Typical veneer issues on OG clocks are on the front perimeter, which is usually...
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    What is Flake Glue used for?

    Am pulling my hair out trying to find some pictures of some veneer repair applications for hot hide glue. I still cannot find them, but will post if I can. The liquid hide glue is what I use primarily. Titebond liquid hide glue can be difficult to find, but it's still out there. Patrick...
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    shellac stick repair

    Scotty, Right! I'll look you up. Jim, Are you sure you want to go down the path of shellac stick? Here's my opinion. Shellac stick is OK for onsie-twosie repairs where a small piece of veneer would be too small to work with, such as in the case of a small nail hole. For numerous holes as...
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    Whiting, Glazing compound or ???

    Fume, Apparently you're ready to take the leap with the shellac and whiting! What I'd do is get a container to mix up your putty in. Mix the dry ingredients first to get an approximate color. I add common powdered pigment to the whiting. Before you get started, make sure you have a plastic...
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    Is a shoe-buffer good for slate/marble cases?

    John, I know the foam pads you're talking about, but am sorry to say that I don't know what they are impregnated with. Could be silicon or wax. Is the case turning gray in spots? I've used the slate blacking compound commonly sold in the UK, and can offer my mixed results. Having restored...
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