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    History ID beautiful decorative mantle clock

    Check around the shaft. It there is no set screw (probably not), proceed to use a set of small pry bars to carefully pry straight up. DO NOT BEND THE ARBOR! CAREFULLY - STRAIGHT UP. If you are not comfortable with this, go to a local clock repair shop for help. The pry bars are available at...
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    Neon Displays Clock Company Questions

    This came off an old gas station, and is now my restoration project. Combination fun and nightmare! I am currently working on the clock motor. The clock was a Neon Displays Clock Company out of Newark, NJ (see photo), but the motor is an Ingraham Type Z. I have not worked on one of these...
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    Herschede Two Train Weights

    J.A., Thanks for taking the time to reply. It has also been suggested by another expert that I polish the hammer tails, which I had neglected to do. I have the flywheel "in" all the way, so there is little adjusting I can do there. Later this week I will take care of the hammer tails and...
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    Herschede Two Train Weights

    As previously posted, I have been working on this clock for way too long. However, it is now running on test weights (pvc pipe filled with automotive lead clip on weights). The clock runs well at 15 pounds on the time side. However, the chime/strike side is supposed to run with a 39 pound...
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    Herschede 2 Weight 9 Tube Cable Question

    I have just been fighting with this exact problem on a two weight Herschede clock from 1916. After MUCH research and discussion, I agree that 1/16 inch (.062) cable should be good. However, note that Griffen's table for 9 tube clocks is only correct for the newer 3 weight units. The older 2...
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    Two Weight Hershede

    Teaclocks, Can you comment on the cable diameter for the chime/strike weight, and the weight of the weight (38 pounds, 40 pounds, 42 pounds, etc?)? Thanks!
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    Two Weight Hershede

    First of all to Teaclocks. I understand your confusion as I have been learning about this as well. It turns out that Herschede, when they started out in 1909, had a two weight movement that they used until about 1927. The three weight movement...completely different...came in, I believe...
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    Two Weight Hershede

    I have a 1916 Herschede which I obtained at auction in bad condition. I now have it repaired (the case) and the movement is ready for assembly. At this point I realized the two weights that came with the clock are not original and not the proper weight. I will work the cable and issue with...
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    Herschede Weight cable size

    Willie Much thanks for the advice! I will order cable and begin the snipe hunt for the two "new" weights. Should be an adventure! Bill
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    Herschede Weight cable size

    Willie, Thanks for the reply! The movement was about as filthy as I have ever seen, but it was loved at one time, and had been bushed in two spots. Everything in good shape, to include the two bushings. I just finished the cleaning yesterday (there goes that cleaning...
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    Herschede Weight cable size

    Nibsey, I have one of these clocks I purchased at auction in November 2021. It was filthy and had sat in a defunct clock shop since 1993. I thought I had the original weights, but I was wrong. The clock had sustained serious damage from the heavy chime weight dropping (took me a month to...
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    Herschede Tall Case Clock

    By the way, as seen in the photos I am repairing extensive damage to the clock base and renewing the original, now alligatored, shellac finish. It's a job! Also, check out the VERY low serial number and the patent date of 1909! Like you say...early clock!
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    Help! I need info. on this grandfather clock!

    The carving looks like it could be a Durfee clock? Look at the tubes and see if they are marked. Also post a photo of the movement...that will help a lot toward identifying the clock.
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    Herschede Tall Case Clock

    I was lucky enough to purchase a Herschede tall case clock in an auction in Maryland a few months ago. It is in poor shape, but I am working hard to remedy that! Anyway, the clock has barley twist columns and, in my opinion, is gorgeous. The movement is an original 1916 (or so) Herschede...
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    JB Weld Use

    Thanks for the advice! I will solder the hinge as recommended. My last job did not hold, probably because I did not clean the hinge as well as I should have. I will remedy that this time!
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    JB Weld Use

    Does anyone have any experience using JB Weld instead of solder for a bezel hinge on an American clock (Ingraham, Ansonia, Sessions, etc)? Will it hold? Will it last? Or should I just bite the bullet and solder the hinge? The key word here is the real clock repair world! Thanks!
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    Glo Dial Flush Mount Neon Clock

    I am restoring a flush mount glo dial neon clock. A photo is enclosed. The clock has some positive is great (under the paint and dirt which are now gone), the inner neon ring is intact, and the clock parts are all there and in good shape. I am having the dial restored, and am...
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    Need Help With Unknown Clock

    This clock belongs to a friend who wants it restored. As you can see, it is a "pocket watch" clock, which clearly had some kind of electrical movements (double sided!), and these have been "improved" to quartz. I'm not sure where to start! The only markings appear to be reproduction...
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    New Haven Adjustment Arbor and Gear

    It is being serviced for someone else, and it has been make right. I would never think to do otherwise, even on my own clock! :) The solution was finding a ruined New Haven movement on eBay which arrived yesterday. I was able to cut the old wheel off as suggested by Jay and Dick, although I...
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