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    Homer Watch?

    This one was a $15 flea market find. Besides Citizen Homers, which this is not, an online search for Homer watches shows mostly low end watches and some quartz ones. This one, however, has a nice 1950's FHF 28 movement inside of a sharp 10kt plated case. Needed a crystal, several cleanings and...
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    Gübelin Watches

    Here are 3 that I have. The first one is a Schild 1194. The folks at Gubelin noted that the dial is in "truly beautiful condition" and that "very interesting are the minute and second indicators, which additionally breaks down 1/5 of a second". The second is a Schild 1950's 1320 automatic...
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    Funky 1970's Bulova

    Bought this for $3 in a junk shop last weekend. Inside is a Bulova 11AOACD. It was missing crystal and crown, but ticked. Luckily dial/dial markers weren't damaged even though it was buried in a pile of costume jewelry. I thought for sure that this wasn't the correct case-but it is marked...
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    Nice Lorsa 237B - Cool Dial!

    Flea market purchase. A Lorsa 237B inside - in fine shape. But check out that dial! The red letters are hard to read-but it is branded DYNO. Love that basketweave print. Only needed cleaning and oiling and it's running like a top.
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    Manufacturer Help? A and T in shield?

    Thanks John! Wow--wouldn't have figured on Schild from marking-Thanks! Anyone know the calibre?
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    Manufacturer Help? A and T in shield?

    Hi All, I haven't seen this marking before and wonder if anyone recognizes it/movement? Looks like and A and T and R and 34 in a shield. Movement is marked 34 on reverse side. 10 ligne UK flea market find in an old, hinged plated case. Thanks!
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    GFC Besancon Wrist Watch

    Hi All, Thought this was an interesting one to share. Recent, very cheap purchase. It is an ETA 1080 movement with dial labeled GFC Besancon. I know from internet that Besancon is a French watch making city/center. It needed a stem, crown and detente lever and is now running nicely. Nice...
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    2 Oldies-Beguelin and Pierce

    Ah! Thank You!
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    2 Oldies-Beguelin and Pierce

    Fixed up a neat little old Pierce watch for a friend, and he gave me this fixer upper in return. I've attached pics of both. The Beguelin has a AS 340, 6J, 2 adj movement inside and a killer case. Does anyone know what movement the Pierce is? Both needed stem and crown help, hands, crystals...
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    2 Ingersoll Wrist Watches

    Hi all! Well - these two were certainly an adventure to get running. I've had them for a while-paid just a few dollars for them both at a flea mkt. The 17 jewel one is an HB 115 movement. It had an unhooked mainspring, a loose pallet jewel, and a tiny metal shard floating around in the...
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    What are YOU wearing today? Please share!

    Just got this super clean Zodiac Rotographic at a flea market for almost nothing. AS1361N movement. Interesting to work on. Barrel had a brake spring and mainspring. Weight has a nice mechanism too. Definitely a keeper!
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    Movement ID? Rosieres Watch

    Hi all! Does anyone know what movement this is? I'm trying to repair/replace the broken staff, bent balance wheel and twisted pinned hairspring. :( Would be nice to know what it is so I might find correct donor parts instead of tearing into my scrap box. Looks like 10.5 lgn. Thanks!
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    What are YOU wearing today? Please share!

    "Avia" flea market find. Such a nice dial with center second register. Movement is an FHF 67.
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    1950's Tissot

    Nice! Got a similar one a few months back. Super clean-just needed a thorough clean/oil.
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    Defender Watch Co.

    Another under $5 flea mkt find that is now ticking away after some minor repairs. You don't see much about these online. Lovely design with crystal and case back forming a nice tight lozenge that case top then fits over. 2 piece stem/crown is not perfect match-but made do with parts on hand.
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    Watch history

    Thanks Roughbarked!
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    Watch history

    Interestingly, I just purchased one of the same brand in Northern England. Movement looks familiar--haven't taken it apart or researched it yet.
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    Junk Pile Survivors

    Thanks for the lead! Will check out A. Schild caliber 944 (10 1/2 L)!
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    Junk Pile Survivors

    All this time at home is making me go through my junk/parts boxes. Here are 3 survivors I resurrected this weekend. The dour rectangular guy turned out to be a FHF 29 movement, gilded nicely. Minute hand looks too slim for his mate, but I kept him as found. Magnat-I don't know anything...
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    Movement ID?

    Ah! Thank you Roughbarked!
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