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    Waltham CPR Pocket Watch

    Here's another just acquired. Serial No. 12020536 24 Hr dial in original Fortune case. Movement as new. Just finished service and runs +/- 2 sec/day Hudd
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    Ladd gold filled patents

    Hi Luvsthetick Great info. Much appreciated. I agree it looks like the 30 yr stamp, which would account for the lovely condition. Mike
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    Ladd gold filled patents

    Hi Luvsthetick Many thanks, yes got the patent stamp under the bezel ok, so it is a Ladd case ! Still not sure if it is a 20, 25,30 yr case or something else though.
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    Ladd gold filled patents

    Hi Rob Here are a couple of pictures of the front and back covers. The inside of the back cover is a much better finish than the front but has no mark whatsoever. As you can see from the photo of the inside of the front cover it does look to be poorer quality.
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    Ladd gold filled patents

    Hi Some few years ago I was informed this was a G W Ladd 18s case. All I can find for identification purposes is a man's head and what I presume is a serial number. Both on the inside of the front cover, which incidently looks to be a poorer finish than the outside. Is there any way of...
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    How do you store your collection?

    Hi All I store my watches in old photographic slide boxes. I strip out the internals and refit with sections of surplus laminate flooring sheet cut to size and drilled with suitable diameter hole saws to take my 18s watches. Mounted on spacers I can accommodate two trays of 8 watches each...
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    The Jaccard Companies

    Here is my Hamilton 922 Mermod. Jaccard & Co. Mike
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    Competitor Guaranteed 21 Years Gold filled 18s case

    Many thanks Kent & onsite for the superb info !! The mark inside the screw back does indeed have an elongated diamond with a capital letter "E" inside exactly as onsite's attached photos 4/5. It doesn't have the 14K marks and is instead guaranteed 21 yrs ( odd to have a 21 yr guarantee ? ). The...
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    Competitor Guaranteed 21 Years Gold filled 18s case

    Hi topspin Here are a couple of pics of the case. Not too good I'm afraid as my better camera has died ! I recently acquired this with an 18s Waltham Vanguard 23 J movement in it. The dial is a 24 hr one as used on Canadian railways so I was thinking it could be a Canadian made case ? Mike (...
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    Competitor Guaranteed 21 Years Gold filled 18s case

    I've been trying to find out about this watch case, In particular who the manufacturer was and where it was made ? I can't find any info on the internet and my search on the NAWCC board seemed to have no references so I'm hoping some kind person can give me a clue ? Hudd
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    Info on a Navigation Master Watch please

    Hi Kent Put me down for 3C1416. Just got this from a guy in the UK who said his father had served on the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Quorn. Fortunately he was transferred to another ship before the Quorn was sunk. It isn't in running order yet but parts are on the way from LarryC ( 3rd wheel ). I...
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    Early 18 Size Hamiltons

    Hi Rhett ... not sure if you have my 933 logged ? Had the original style regulator later modified as you can see. - - - Updated - - - OOps ! sorry NorCal kid meant to be replying to main thread apologies. Mike
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    Thanks Andy and Omexa I do buy items on Ebay and have had very few problems over the last 10 years. Also I feel safer using Ebay because I pay with my credit card through Paypal. That way I do have a good degree of protection if things go wrong. Paying with a bank transfer though means you...
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    Hi Lloyd In my case I compounded my mistake by using a BACS bank transfer of funds. I shall avoid that method in future unless I'm 100% satisfied the seller is genuine. Using BACS means the scammer clears funds from his/her account as soon as received. That way you can't get your money back...
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    Thanks for your kind words Rascal. I shall try to put this event behind me since there's nothing more I can do. I have learned a valuable lesson though and will never go down that path again ! Hudd PS Not sure how to remove that last "word" but I sure feel like one.
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    I recently tried to purchase a Hamilton Model 21 from a website here in the UK called Craiglist - Glasgow collectibles. There are also US and Canadian versions of Craiglist. I lost my purchase monies and am now feeling very foolish and upset. It turns out the advert for this chronometer was...
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    What do you store your pocket watch movments in?

    How about old photographic slide boxes fitted out with scrap bits of laminate flooring drilled to take the movements or complete watches. Two tiers of 8 per tier is good for 18s complete watches or more if you just want to store movements. Hudd
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    GW Ladd watch cases

    Hi Tom You've just solved another oddity with my Ladd case. Although the outside of the case looks to be nearly mint, the insides of both back and front covers are slightly spotted ( oxidization ? ), suggesting much thinner gold there. It ties in nicely with your observations. Many thanks. Mike
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    GW Ladd watch cases

    Hi Tom Many thanks for the confirmation. Much appreciated Mike
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    GW Ladd watch cases

    Many thanks Tom H and Tom McI Here's a picture of the head in profile from the inside of the front ( not back as previously stated ) cover. It's the best I can do I'm afraid as I'm not very good at photography ?? Mike
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