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    Columbus King

    A recent find: 17 jewel Railway King Hunter s/n 371780. This variant appears to be scarce.
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    Aurora Private Label Watches

    Aurora watches made for Webb C. Ball, Cleveland, O.. All are nickel, 15 jewels, Adjusted, Hurd's regulator, with matching Arabic numeral dials. The damaskeening pattern and presence of red gold trim for the screws/regulator etc.*, suggest they were all made to the grade 113 "recipe". Best...
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    ended eBay listing, Always remember to look under the hood.

    The mvt shown is a 6s Waltham and such would never fit a 12s Ball case (besides being not wide enough it would also be too thick). Also, the case is hinged where as the one shown with the mvt isn't. Also, the case in the mvt photo looks more like base metal than gold-filled. So I agree with...
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    New York Watch Co. precursors to Hampden.

    4221-A. H. Rodgers, Chagrin Falls, O., DS dial signed "New York Watch Co."
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    Some nice Regular Gold Inlaid Cases

    A recent acquisition:
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    My latest Illinois Addition

    This model 1 America was handy, so here's some pics for comparision:
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    Found this at an antique store

    Neat find. Here's an old thread that shows another:
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    Trenton Private Label Watches

    Dewey watch: For more info see this thread: From the bottom of the Havana Harbor
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    American Pocket Watches in Original Boxes

    Do shipping tins count as boxes?
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    Sets of Three

    Three items related to Aurora's United States Jewelers' Guild movements. Aurora ad showing cut of a Guild movement: Aurora grade no. 50 Made Expressly for the Guild (estimated total production = 70): Aurora grade no. 53 Made Expressly for the Guild (etp = 110):
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    Regulator Index

    The regulator index on the above Rockford is somewhat unusual. In a general search of various American makes I only came across it on some early high grade Rockford's. Has anyone seen this shape on other American movements?
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    Something railroad watch related

    RR watch related:
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    Sets of Three

    Three Aurora's with a connection to the CB&Q RR. Top two are known to have been used in actual RR service on the Burlington Route. Bottom one was a presentation watch to an employee. Sorry about the first picture; it was only one handy.
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    Columbus Private Labels

    The Empire. Gilt lettering and red gold trim.
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    Columbus Data

    Thanks for the confirmation.
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    Columbus Data

    Thanks for the picture. Unless they are otherwise marked, these two-tone Railway King mvts generally have 16 not 17 jewels. Did you pull the dial to confirm the jewel count?
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    Columbus Data

    Another thread with data on these mvts:
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    Columbus Data

    Steven, Any chance you can share a picture or two? Regarding the two-tone Railway King, is it marked "17 Jewels"? Just in case, here is the link to Kent's encyclopedia data on these mvts...
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    Hand engraved eagle and gold miners maker 'NB and co' with weird UK hallmarks

    I can't tell you anything about the case, but I really like the engravings.
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    Aurora Private Label Watches

    Two high numbered Aurora's: left #230204 with regular factory markings and right #230199 private label for Hueter Jewelry Co., Cleveland, O. (it has a matching PL dial). The highest (known) s/n run for Aurora is from 230,001 to 231,000. This run contains a mixture of 11 jewel nickel grades...
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