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  1. soaringjoy

    Mora clock with bell and gong strike combo. Anyone know anything?

    I think we will need pictures. My thoughts however are, that Mora clocks have been built up to this very day, so not all of them are antique or even vintage and I suppose anything's possible on the insides.
  2. soaringjoy

    Vintage German Heap......

    I remember, they sold those colorfully painted plywood clocks in the Catskill Mountains, Upstate NY, during the 1960s. My dad bought me one there too! Nutjob
  3. soaringjoy

    Need help identifying mantle clock

    By all respect, Hypo, the Message Board language is English, and in English "Hamburg-American Clock Company (HAC)" is correct. ;)
  4. soaringjoy

    Need help identifying mantle clock

    Although I can't find an exact match, I suppose the clock is just around WW 1. Perhaps mid 1920s at the latest. The usual dial outfit would have been a silvered one, but they did offer enameled dials too, on some of those clocks. A celluloid covered paper dial would have been used quite...
  5. soaringjoy

    Gustav Becker clock?

    Thank you for the correction! I must have "dreamt" seeing a stag, I guess. Sorry.
  6. soaringjoy

    Gustav Becker clock?

    The former owner made himself a "hunter's clock". The carved portrait shows Hubert de Liege, also known as St. Hubertus, the patron of the hunters, dogs, nature, etc. Hubert de Liège (Belgium) was a bishop around 700 AD and, as the legend goes, he encountered a stag with a cross between its...
  7. soaringjoy

    Help date my new Urgos mantle clock

    Genger, a 1970 Urgos catalogue lists your clock as the "TU 108 d".
  8. soaringjoy

    New to me Germania and Kaiser Grand Universe and Eli Terry

    Brent, congrats, nice clocks. I suggest, you take them one at a time. The "species" are too far apart for a thread that makes sense after a couple of postings. The first clock is a Vienna style weight driven regulator and Germania was one of a couple reknown clock producers of Freiburg...
  9. soaringjoy


    Add some flies and spiders and you can imagine what the standards are over here, bro! Nutjob Nice to see ya back too!
  10. soaringjoy

    Clock movement problem

    The movement is a Mauthe 45; plates 106 x 94 mm. 1960s, probably; it came in three versions. BTW, the rack should not be able to fall down to the right. If it's like that in the case, it will stall the movement.
  11. soaringjoy

    Gustav Becker VIennas

    Phantastic work, John, that's the way I like the cases, plain, elegant and classy looking!
  12. soaringjoy


    That's about the most accurate dateline you can get, Jay! :D I keep a cannister of old cleaning solvent as a pre-cleaner. After that, the movt. gets some fresh stuff.
  13. soaringjoy

    Help identify black iron mantel clock

    Looks as if this post fell through the floor cracks.... ? Pictures is what we will need to give you any useful advice or expertise.
  14. soaringjoy

    Please help me to ID this SBS Feintechnik wall clock.

    Respectfully, I would say it is rather "bad", more or less... See, the mass-produced movements of the 1970s were all rather cheap, again, more or less, so we are not talking about everlasting or sturdy quality here. How many times do you think, the 1st wheel (chain sprocket) can be rebushed...
  15. soaringjoy

    Please help me to ID this SBS Feintechnik wall clock.

    Oh Etienne, have mercy! :o The second movement is Jahresuhrenfabrik August Schatz & Söhne, Triberg. Note, the movement was made for both spring barrels and weights.
  16. soaringjoy

    Please help me to ID this SBS Feintechnik wall clock.

    A SBS Feintechnik movement in your Zaanse / Zaandam clock replica is a good choice. On your movement, one of the numbers should be a date code. WUBA made clocks were often powered by AMS or Hermle movements and the like.
  17. soaringjoy

    Please help me ID this Kieninger

    Well, the Flume Co. had its own archiving and stocking system. They called their catalogues "clock movements and parts finders". You had to thumb through the categories in order to find the movement, comparing, plates, leaders, and racks. Once a movement had been identified, you could order...
  18. soaringjoy

    I need help indentifying this clock

    Divina Gong was a brand used by Friedrich Mauthe, Schwenningen, Germany (FMS). The case may have been made by a specialized case factory, I'm not sure. Post WW 1 I'd presume.
  19. soaringjoy

    German Vienna wall clock

    That'a swell looking job! Good luck and happy hunting for the headpiece.
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