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  1. Toughtool

    Standard Electric Standard Electric - diodes and power reserve

    The clock will run more accurately if it is kept fully wound. In the case of an IBM master, the pulse to the wind magnet is 80 pulses per hour, but it only needs about 60 pulses per hour to keep it wound. The drive pawl is prevented from engaging the next tooth until the clock has run down...
  2. Toughtool

    Standard Electric Standard Electric master winding solenoids

    You may want to consider something like this, if your budget can take it. U.S. Solid Manual Coil Winder NZ-1 Coil Winding Machine w/ Counter or an electric/manual one like this:
  3. Toughtool

    Standard Electric Standard Electric master winding solenoids

    Truman, I suspect the non-Stainless Steel ones may be made of composite materials, and may not be metal at all. They don't say in the description. The calipers must be rigid in order to get accurate readings. Of course SS does not rust either. These are rated to about 1/2 a thousands inch...
  4. Toughtool

    Standard Electric Standard Electric master winding solenoids

    I agree about the probability that someone may have connected 120 VAC to the coil. However large gauge wire (14 gauge) is common between secondaries and the master's power supply, for low voltage DC circuits. They are needed to reduce the resistance, thereby reducing the voltage drop of the...
  5. Toughtool

    IBM Beat scale for IBM

    Here is what my 60 beat looks like. The 72 beat may look different too.
  6. Toughtool

    International Time Recording Co. Master Wall Clock

    If you want to run secondaries from your master, here is a simple FQP30N06L MOSFET driver circuit. It acts just like a switch and takes the A line to ground. Most secondaries you will find, will be 24 volt self-correcting movements and these can be wired as plain impulse secondaries by...
  7. Toughtool


    I guess it still has the stem attached then. I'm left handed so I'm rough on watches anyway. I don't know how many times I whacked the watch against something, only to look at the crystal to see if it broke it. Never even scratched it, so that's something. Real though crystal, lousy stems. When...
  8. Toughtool


    Sounds like the problem I have with my Rolex Watch, given me by International Business Machines (IBM) for my 25th year of service. Cost me $400.00 plus shipping and handling, and six weeks of waiting for it to come back home. It required repairing when the stem fell off. Stem fell off again...
  9. Toughtool

    Tower Clock Weight Plates

    I'm probably wrong here but it seems to me that the weight at the clock will still be 100 Lbs after compounding and doubling the actual weight to 200 Lbs. Wouldn't the extra 100 Lbs be supported by the other pulley?
  10. Toughtool

    syncronome tower clock

    The winder unit is supposed to provide the 24 volts needed to power the units. Quote from description:" This efficient module provides the proper voltage and pulse signal to wind or impulse any master and secondary (slave) clock of USA manufacture such as Stromberg, International Time Recorder...
  11. Toughtool

    syncronome tower clock

    Since you have two movements, I have updated the schematic for running both units from a 24 volt power source. The unit that Ken's clock clinic should work for your movements but you should call them to make sure. Here is a quote from their description of the pulsar they sell. It says the unit...
  12. Toughtool

    Clock + Light = ?

    A NAWCC member showed me this on one of my posts, and I have been using it ever since. Just thought I would pass it along. You can shorten any link by deleting everything from the ("?") question mark. You only need to post the following: Well this site software converts my short...
  13. Toughtool

    syncronome tower clock

    You are saying that the adapter has a rating of 500 mA, not that the movement is drawing 500 mA. You need an ammeter to see if the 3 volt across the coil produces the required 330 mA of current that Ralph mentioned in post #11. A $10.00 multi-meter is a good investment, and will produce good...
  14. Toughtool

    Synchron motor search

    Sorry, I will refrain from this practice. Joe
  15. Toughtool

    syncronome tower clock

    Here is a simple variable voltage test setup. Most people have a few 12 Volts DC wallworts or old computer power adapters laying around. Anything from 12 volts to 24 volts DC should work fine. If not, buying everything new is not too expensive. The DC to DC converter connects to the 12-35 volt...
  16. Toughtool

    syncronome tower clock

    Ralph, Great information that Lewis will no doubt need. Thanks for posting it. We now know the voltage required to provide the 330 mA of current for a #4 movement. A larger diameter clock will need more power because of the longer and heavier hands. To zero in on this movement only a resistance...
  17. Toughtool

    syncronome tower clock

    Lewis, Don't be discouraged about the electronics. That's actually the easy part. After you fix and reassemble the movement, I think you will find that a single 1.5 volt alkaline battery will operate it. Positive to one terminal, negative to the other terminal, for your first electrical test...
  18. Toughtool

    syncronome tower clock

    I can not disagree with your 300mA current, especially if Google says it is true. I was thinking the current of a unit is more like 200 mA. I don't have one to look at, or measure. However I doubt that the old Synchronome masters actually measured and controlled the current itself. The current...
  19. Toughtool

    IBM IBM master clock lost gear help, need to buy one

    Manolo98 Since I don't have a pony in this show, I'm stepping out. I have contacted Morris so if he responds here, you guys can work out something. Someone asked me why it was over priced. Well, $400.00 should get you a real master clock with a hardwood cabinet, a face, and hands. I know...
  20. Toughtool

    syncronome tower clock

    This is an impulse secondary (slave unit) and requires a pulsing unit to advance the time. The pulsing unit can be the master clock or you can purchase one just for this movement. Something like this: Model 1900W-UNV Modular Clock Winder - Ken's Clock Clinic (no affiliation) Call them first...
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