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  1. Les harland

    Just out of interest.

    I think Mr Holmes would describe this as a "three pipe problem" Sherlock Holmes was a fictional detective written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Three pipes was the time it took him to smoke three pipefulls of tobacco
  2. Les harland

    What did I buy?

    I think most people here have asked themselves " what did I buy" when a clock or/watch turns out to be not exactly what they thought it was
  3. Les harland

    How to access antique English pocket watch movement. Back appears to be sealed.

    When opening a watch, like this one, from the front make sure the hands are pointing away from the fastener and your fingers Otherwise if anything slips it is very easy to wreck the hands and have a piece of one in your finger That, I know from experience, can be painful
  4. Les harland

    Watch novice needing help identifying treasure!

    The squirrel is a Swiss Hallmark for 14c Gold There is a picture of the mark on the Vintage Watch Straps site
  5. Les harland

    1801 - 1900 English J.G.Graves

    It looks to that that the LWC was able to "modernise^ a standard fusee watch by simply changing two components The holes in the plates appear to be the same
  6. Les harland

    Lion Watch Case

    Some people do not rush into things, prefering to take their time
  7. Les harland

    The Story of a Watch, a Chief Petty Officer & an Admiral

    There is a slight mistake in the list of ships King Edward VIII should be King Edward VII
  8. Les harland

    Reverse Signatures by Makers

    Thanks Enrico I had not thought of that Reading standards were not as high in 1914 as they are today If some one came across a new name Enicar would be easier to pronounce than Racine Les
  9. Les harland

    Reverse Signatures by Makers

    Henri Racine used Enicar
  10. Les harland

    Fraud Alert

    Thanks Clint It is worth being aware of scams even if, hopefully, I never come across them Les
  11. Les harland

    American verge fusee watch?

    Going slightly off topic there are still place names with multiple spellings around There is a village near me, St Ipolyts, nobody knows the correct spelling St Ippollitts, St Ipolyts, St Ippolyts or what, exactly?North Hertfordshire Museum
  12. Les harland

    Ottoman pocket watch identification

    Thanks Graham I have looked again and can see what you see now It is not very clear Our friend has got the website and watch in front of him so he can check
  13. Les harland

    Ottoman pocket watch identification

    Picture No 10 shows what appears to be a Swiss Hallmark ( bird) on the right hand side half way down It will be in the in the :- Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Makers' Marks
  14. Les harland

    American verge fusee watch?

    There is a Philadelphia in the UK near Sunderland It was named after the US city was captured by the British during the American war of independence It did not exist when this watch as made
  15. Les harland

    Identification of watch

    Picture No2 shows what appears to be a Swiss Hallmark above the German one It is not very clear The Grouse hallmark was used from 1882 to 1934 The Swiss and German Hallmarks often appear together on watch cases
  16. Les harland

    Odd Sound On Swiss Movements

    I have noticed that cylinder movements make a scraping sound that appears unique to them
  17. Les harland

    1787 English Pair Case Pocket Watch- William Berridge #533 London

    Loomes Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World Lists:- Berridge William London (Hollies Street Cavendish Square) 1799-1824 Berridge William London (Oxford Road) 1785-95
  18. Les harland

    Looking inside a Verge

    That is an excellent idea Will you be able to look inside a clock to see what is going on before dismantling it?
  19. Les harland

    Sears Railway Conductor series pocket watch

    Sorry I cannot see one of those watches being used by a railway company Most companies put their initials, e.g LNER, on any watches they issued to staff LNER = London North Eastern Railway
  20. Les harland

    Verge watch - where or what is Somey?

    The All Acronyms website shows Somer as an abbreviation for Somerset Is Somey an older one or just poor spelling Spelling mistakes were not uncommon in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
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