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    gustav becker gong

    Bought it... The pendulum designs match the face of a beat up Kraft freeswinger I bought for parts for it (since the gong is broken). A guy I know who studied in Germany said in an email "Becker used other suppliers sometimes for their products." Worst case scenario, I use the movement from...
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    New Haven 'Whitney' oig. price drop ?

    1938 was a bad or hard time for most, people weren't spending a lot on nice things, only buying the bare minimum of what they needed. Companies were likely dropping prices to survive and compete. That's why many higher end clocks from the 30s are somewhat harder to find like many Seth Thomas...
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    Post Your Waterbury Clocks Here!

    Here is a Waterbury westminster bracket I picked up at an auction recently...for 163 dollars. Quite a deal even in this market! All original, pendulum, movement, hands, finish, and everything. Surprisingly heavy duty movement. One of the crown jewels of my collection.
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    gustav becker gong

    Don't have any photos, the clock is still in the shop an hour away. Don't want to buy it unless I'm sure. Found a freeswinger near it with the same gong with matching B stamped movement...should've just bought both - ___ - But it is a becker silesia movement, I looked carefully. Sorry if I...
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    gustav becker gong

    I also examined the wood around it to see if the gong was a replacement, and it doesnt appear that there was any other gong but that one there
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    gustav becker gong

    Could be, but it has a key with it with a B on it in an identical font to what is on the gong. While, yes, it might not be the original, considering the history of the clock itself (brought back from Germany and placed in storage longer than I have been alive) it is possible.
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    gustav becker gong

    I'm not worried about the age...but it did have the word Silesia on the mvt. It had non-open plates like the one in the link Richard T. posted. What I am more concerned with is whether or not this is an original marriage/the original movement. The clock was unearthed by me in a pallet of...
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    gustav becker gong

    Can someone confirm whether or not this is a Gustav Becker gong? The clock has a becker movement (non open plated). It also has a key with a B on it. Thank you.
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    badische box clock question

    I recently purchased a badische wall was on a pallet of box clocks for decades (had a german 1977 newspaper wrapped around the pendulum!) As you can see, the pendulum is discolored and the coloring has worn off. I found this after doing some google detective work for something to...
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    german box clock ID help

    Attached is one of my latest purchases, a box clock from Merritt's. It was on a pallet of busted up ones that had been in storage for decades. Got it for 50 dollars and you will see in the "before pictures" was even worse before those first pics were taken. I would like help...
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    interesting twist on an ST chimer This is a clock my grandmother gave me (never worked when it was new, have had some posts about it over the years) I finally took it to a friend to get it fixed...and he noticed something interesting about it. Take a look on...
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    herschede pattern number 3

    I am seriously considering purchasing a Herschede pattern # 3 hall clock from a clock shop. It is fitted with a time and cathedral gong strike mvt. I am just curious as to whether or not Herschede's time and strike movements were imported or not, and when they stopped importing movements...
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    NAWCC membership renewal

    I am mailing out my renewal for my membership today. Will I get my new card before August 20? I will need it by then ( The date of the Eastern Reigional. My current card is missing in action)
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    anyone with Junghans catalogue CDs Here is a similar Junghans clock someone posted in the "post your junghans clocks here" post.
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    anyone with Junghans catalogue CDs Here is detail of the hands. Standard looking gong strike box clock movement....Junghans stamp, A19. If you need better photos, let me know...
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    anyone with Junghans catalogue CDs If anyone who has the Junghans CD catalogue reprints could find and post the original catalogue picture of this clock, and catalogue pics of the mvt and gong....I would strongly appreciate it. Thank you!
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    kienzle serial numbers

    Does anyone have them? Mine is 56375
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    interesting discovery today...

    In a posting about an ST 113 movement clock I bought a few months ago, I complained that it sounded off key. Well, it turns out its supposed to be that way, as I discovered here: Here is a video of the one I have in action. YouTube- P3110189.AVI...
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    Banjo Clocks

    Banjo clocks always have done well on ebay, even despite the economy. Large banjo clocks (like new haven 30 days and ingrahams) always did especially well. ST had many nice banjo designs...its no surprise that people go after them. I certainly would if I had the money to throw around.
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    What did I buy?

    Didnt take the movement out yet. Was retailed by a philadelphia jeweler though.
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