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  1. Viennaman

    Fun Kundo 400 Day

    I've made a few non-working Kundos into working ones since. OK, fiddling with the mainspring is one thing, but in order to be able to run for over a year, they are very, very parsimonious with energy. The slightest cause of friction will make them stop. Assuming the clock is wound, the most...
  2. Viennaman

    Fun Kundo 400 Day

    It's a really long time since I last posted, but I have started (and nearly finished) a fun project. I bought a nice-looking Kundo Junior anniversary clock on FleaBay. The previous owner's complaint was that the clock wouldn't run. From the photos, I could see the suspension spring was a...
  3. Viennaman

    Horolene and Ultrasonic Cleaner

    It contains ammonia, propanone and butyl acetate. It has an overpowering ammonia smell that makes your eyes and nose run even when it's diluted 7:1 as recommended. I found 5 minutes was fine for just about everything. As the donor movement is really scummy, I figure I can get considerably more...
  4. Viennaman

    Horolene and Ultrasonic Cleaner

    I have bought a Gebruder Resch "Remember" movement to cannibalise for a nicer pendulum bob, a warning wheel, an un-cracked chapter ring a nice hammer and a gathering pallet and a few other parts that are just a bit nicer. I want to put them on my keeper. However, the parts from the keeper...
  5. Viennaman

    US cleaner, what not to clean in it

    I picked up 20kV from the power supply of a scanning electron microscope that the lab tech had told me had been discharged. I have a round red scar on my right shoulder and a ragged scar on my right forearm, and I have had generalised psoriasis ever since. It took two days in hospital for my...
  6. Viennaman

    US cleaner, what not to clean in it

    I use my tank for any steel or brass. As has been mentioned, it can take the blueing off steel hands, but a gun re-blueing kit does the job and lasts for ages - easily available online. I don't put porcelain etc. in - there's nothing like US for finding minuscule cracks and flaws and making...
  7. Viennaman

    Clock Parts Wanted

    A warning wheel for a two-weight 1880's Gebruder Resch "Remember" regulator would be nice.
  8. Viennaman

    Re: Hamilton Regulator Clock Movement - Needs Help!!

    Could always be a broken spring, of course. They often sound and even feel like they're winding when they're not.
  9. Viennaman

    Bouncy hammer arm

    I have seen a few bouncy hammers, and all of them have been caused by the hammer moving too far in its journey. Ideally, you want the hammer head to sit only a small fraction of an inch above the gong at rest, and the spring should stop the hammer moving too far in its excursions. That usually...
  10. Viennaman

    Bouncy hammer arm

    It can be due to the position of the hammer return spring - or can mean that it's loose, or losing its temper.
  11. Viennaman

    Free 400 day Anniversary give away!!

    Has 222 gone? If not, I'll take that.
  12. Viennaman

    Removing Retaining Washers

    A plastic iPod case spudger is ideal and doesn't scratch the plate. But before I knew about spudgers, I did OK with small screwdrivers, but I put a thin feeler gauge under it to avoid scratches.
  13. Viennaman

    Howard Miller Oooop's

    You could have broken a warning wheel pin or a chime flirt, or both. Fortunately, parts aren't too hard to get hold of (often several Howard Miller movements on eBay for example), and it's a perfectly do-able repair for an amateur. -> posts merged by system <- Oh, BTW, it is possible that...
  14. Viennaman

    Hermle movement cleaning

    Um... why would you want to? Aside of the fact that you'll never be able to clean it properly without disassembly, it's huge fun to do the full monty on a clock!
  15. Viennaman

    The hour strikes a 2 minutes past the hour

    I stand on a chair with my face absolutely perpendicular to the minute hand. The moment the clock strikes, I stop the pendulum and remove the minute hand. As best I can, I hold it in the same position, fit a suitably-sized file tang in the bushing (I have one just for the purpose), rotate the...
  16. Viennaman

    Strike train moves when winding ???

    I find the going train backs up when winding weight-driven clocks. However, a well set-up one (as, I must say, the one I keep at home is) will go back to where it would have been if it hadn't.
  17. Viennaman

    Drum woe

    I've met quite a few weight-driven wall clocks where the drum click spring is a delicately-curving curl of brass that tapers down to a very fine tip, quite easily broken. On the other hand, it is often a replaceable part secured by a screw.
  18. Viennaman

    Servicing a 400 Anniversary Clock

    From recent experience, I can confidently say that complete stripdown, polish, relacquer and and reassembly of two in a day is perfectly possible for even an enthusiastic amateur like me. I think dowdy or non-working 400-days are fun quick fixes, but I prefer wall or clocks when I can get them...
  19. Viennaman

    Dead Kundo 'Midget" ????

    Did you grease the spring before fitting? It could possibly be binding. Alternatively, how tight are the hands? Over-tight hands can stop the clock. I do have a spare Kundo midget mainspring, but I'd advise you to look for a new one first. My spare one is from one I stripped for parts, and you...
  20. Viennaman

    400 day timekeepimg

    Mirabile dictu, the clock seems to be rating sensibly now. I think it must have been flutter. The fork is now a micron under the top of the verge, and I couldn't have raised it half that without the fork rubbing against the verge guard. However, as they say, enough is as good as a feast. Still...
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