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  1. Tony Ambruso

    Seth Thomas Ogee

    Got a S. T. Ogee from 1863. It's the 29.5" model shown in Tran Duy Ly vol.2, page 650. Unfortunately, it is missing its weights. It has a harp or Lyre-shaped 8-day movement with an alarm. The movement is numbered 3063 on page 981 of the same volume of Tran's book. I have had up to 3.5 pounds...
  2. Tony Ambruso

    Running clock with no pendulum.

    I have to agree with this practice to quicken the testing for BPH with a Microset. Also, I usually perform a short testing period on each clock after assembly without lubrication and without the pendulum to reveal any gross problems. If there are adjustments to be made that require the plates to...
  3. Tony Ambruso

    Urgos Center Arbor Problem

    Thanks for all the replies and good advice to all who responded. It is much appreciated. I have tried all my usual methods for removing that arbor, to no avail. I had resigned myself to making a stake and using a press to work on this problem, but a friend made a suggestion to me that caused...
  4. Tony Ambruso

    Urgos Center Arbor Problem

    Willie, thanks for the reply. What you say makes sense, and that is what I orginally thought. However, the lifting was so unsuccessful that I thought there might be something else going on there. Why did you say what I quoted from your reply? Why would I need a new center arbor?
  5. Tony Ambruso

    Urgos Center Arbor Problem

    I am in need of some advice from those who have removed the center arbor from an Urgos UW66035 movement. This is a discontinued movement that seems to have some strange qualities for my experience. I am trying to remove the center arbor which needs rebushing on both the front and rear plates...
  6. Tony Ambruso

    Bull's Foot

    Thanks for the clarification, Jerry. It DOES sound like a useful tool to me. Now I have another tool project on a list that's already too long.:D
  7. Tony Ambruso

    Bull's Foot

    Good discussion. I was thinking this might be a useful tool to have. I was thinking that one with a handle might be easier to steady and avoid accidentally hitting the plate surface. But so far, the posts are suggesting my thinking is wrong.
  8. Tony Ambruso

    Poll-Like New Board/Forum Format?

    As I have said before, I really like the new message board. Good work and thanks to all who made it possible.
  9. Tony Ambruso

    Workbench mat

    I like to use foam sheets, too, Ansomnia.
  10. Tony Ambruso

    true or false

  11. Tony Ambruso

    New Changes To The New Changes At eBay?

    I saw an article on CNN about the lastest changes at eBay and the promise of "fixes." Click here to see the CNN article.
  12. Tony Ambruso

    hand nut keeps comming lose

    Absolutely correct.
  13. Tony Ambruso

    Wikipedia's Featured Article

    Interesting statement, Tom, but the inaccuracies do nothing, in my mind, to strengthen the system. The only strength of the wiki system is its vast holding of topics, and its service as a point of referential initiation. The nature of the information presented there requires more careful...
  14. Tony Ambruso

    Wikipedia's Featured Article

    Rich, that is the most frustrating aspect of the internet. You become accustomed to immediately searching it for an answer to your question. Wikipedia invariably comes up in your search. You click over to it, but, in the end, you can't be sure of validity of the information. So you find yourself...
  15. Tony Ambruso

    Message Board Transfer

    Tom, what would happen if an avitar is migrated to the new board that does not adhere to the size requirements? I had to alter my aviatr's size to upload it to the new board.
  16. Tony Ambruso

    We are looking for feedback on the test site replacing this resource.

    I like the new MB. Look forward to using it. Bang, you've got to log on to see that forum.
  17. Tony Ambruso

    Final installation of my tower clock

    I spent some time in Manila and did some work in Canlubang and enjoyed it very much. It has been over 13 years since I have been to the Philippines, but I do remember. Once again, very nice project.
  18. Tony Ambruso

    Final installation of my tower clock

    Wonderful job!!! Thanks for sharing. Truly the work of a past master. What part of the Philippines does this clock reside?
  19. Tony Ambruso

    Another metal cleaner polish

    I use Tarnite, also. I like the results.
  20. Tony Ambruso

    Seth thomas ship clock with external bell running too fast

    No, I do not believe there is any such manual. General disassembly is covered by some texts, but nothing specific for each type of clock. For example, general disassembly and cleaning is covered in Conover's "Clock Repair Basics." The chapters in "Striking Clock Repair Guide" cover the most...
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