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    Was there a formal association for train bridge men? The signal light and flags? Along with the depiction on the rear would seem to point to there being one. I've just not found much info and would appreciate anyone's knowledge on the matter thanks.
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    Illinois/Illinois Watch Co.

    It's not in the best condition, needs a new minute hand.
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    Illinois/Illinois Watch Co.

    Hmmm... It is a private label and maybe that was a standard practice? Otherwise it was the Springfield Illinois label, or the specifically named versions? I guess that makes sense.
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    Illinois/Illinois Watch Co.

    What models of watches made by the Illinois Watch Co. are marked only Illinois?
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    Lovely Ladies -- American

    6s, Elgin grade 101, in a solid 14k Courvoisier & Wilcox Mfg. Co. case.
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    Ball 17 jewel Elgin 333 pocket watch

    I had an Ball/Elgin 333 and it had blue hands.
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    Waltham 1873-6"M" grade C and grade "special" per the grey book.

    Has anyone read the article by Mark Lee "Emerging from the shadows: The Waltham 6-size model 1873M"? Anyone aware of additional work done on this topic?
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    Waltham 1873-6"M" grade C and grade "special" per the grey book.

    Yes, I believe mine is an 1873-6(m) referencing the article on the differing construction and who's name I cannot remember. The C grade referring to a gilt movement would seem to line up, any idea what other model used grade C? Pocketwatchdatabase has the 1873-6 gradeC from 1887-1889 and then...
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    Waltham 1873-6"M" grade C and grade "special" per the grey book.

    Waltham 1873-6"M" grade C and grade "special" per the grey book. Anyone able to shed some light in the grade special? Pocketwatchdatabase shows grade C and variation as w.m. Ellery quality, although I don't see anything in the grey book that relates to either? As I understand wm Ellery, it was...
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    Ball (Hamilton) serial numbers

    I seem to recall, Ball switching to swiss movements after 1925. I think any ball watch co. Marked movements I've seen have been swiss. Dredged up from my memory so may not be totally factual but, close? Lol
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Not in the greatest of shape but, they all run well.
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    Ball (Hamilton) serial numbers

    Hi, I have a Ball/Hamilton 999A with serial #170743. It has the sunburst damascene pattern, 21j and is marked official RR Standard. I have noticed that the majority of 999A pocket watches have serial numbers in the 500,000 range. I really only have a bout a year of observation to go off but...
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    1889 Elgin Grade 71 (variation 2) 6 size

    Elgin grade 71 6s, original hands are plum Breguet?
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    Favorite Elgins

    Not all acquired recently and there's a Ball/Elgin 333 in the shop missing. 263, 101, 71. Any advice on sourcing the hand for the 101?
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    Ball RR official standard hand color

    I am trying to determine the color and style of different ball pocket watches. One is a ball/Hamilton 999A and the other is a ball/Elgin 333. Plum or blued steel hands. Is there a reference somewhere? Did the original manufacturer provide a standard set of hands? Or did ball replace them and...
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    Compatibility of Watch/Watch Case Sizes?

    The fob and key were attached to a Waltham grade c pocket watch. I picked it up at an estate auction, he was a watchmaker and I was able to get all the timepieces available. There was no key wind pieces and I assume were given to close family.
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    Compatibility of Watch/Watch Case Sizes?

    I have a nice 6s case with a non working lower grade movement as well and am debating replacing or keeping it "original". This is a recent fob I picked up, not sure what the key goes to though.
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    Info wanted on a Dueber Watch Co pocket watch

    Serial number 3154987, not sure if that makes a difference. When it says variations, what does that refer to?
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    Info wanted on a Dueber Watch Co pocket watch

    And thank you! Apologies, I appreciate all the info.
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    Info wanted on a Dueber Watch Co pocket watch

    Am I right in saying that their top line models were $60? At the time. Would you happen to have any idea how many similar models/grade were produced? Or point me in the right direction, so I could look into it?
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