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    Cuckoo Cuckoo music box

    When I was recondition a cuckoo clock I lost the screw that attaches the stop lever to the music box! I have attempted to purchase a new screw will out any luck. If any one has one I will be glad to purchase it. Or can you suggest we're I could purchase one? i have tryed Timesavers, Ronnell...
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    400 Day Torsion Clock

    What does moving the fork up or down on the suspension wire have to do with the running of the clock? Doc Clock NAWCC 147828
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    Music box cap screw

    The cap screw that I am looking for is the one that holds the stop lever on the governor. does anyone know we're these cap screw can be parched? Doc Clock NAWCC # 147828
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    Music box cap screw

    I am always dropping this screw and losing it. does anyone know were I can purchase some of these screws?:):cuckoo:
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    Cuckoo Cuckoo Clock is going C

    I have been working on cuckoo clocks for fifteen years and always find one with a new problem. I just rebuilt one very old cuckoo movement. I put it on my test stand put it in beat. It ran fine however the hands donot move. I did increase the spring under the wheel to tighten the hands moving...
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    Verge Setting

    What is a good way to set a verge after dismantling and cleaning a movement?
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    Thank you for reply. I don't have any problem removing them. It is assembling them back on the movement.
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    I have replaced many c-clips on hermle movements but always have trouble with the very small ones on the levers. I usually lose two or three clips. They snap out of my tweezers and go to who knows were? Does any one know of a tool to assemble them or an easy way to put them on the levers? "...
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    Vintage Robin Clock

    Does anyone know anything about a Vintage Robin Mantle Clock? it is Mother of Pearl, made in West Germany. It is a wind up movement. Any information will be appreciated. "Doc Clock" NAWCC #147828
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    Hermle 340-20

    Harlod, I don't know how much time I have? I am 83+Years old. But I will give it a shot. I will let you know how I make out. Have you attempted to bush one?
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    Hermle 340-20

    Thank you all . All of the replays pointed to the Balance Wheel. I removed it and checked the rotation. I checked the amount of rotation with a stop watch. It only rotated for one minute. I cleaned it with napta gas and rinched it in alcohol and put it in my dryer. I rechecked the rotation and...
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    Hermle 340-20

    I have been reparing clocks for over 15 years and still learning. i have repaired several 320-20 movements with no problems.The one I have now is driving me cuckoo. :cuckoo: I dismantled it, installed four bushings in the time train, polished pivots,check pivots for being bent, ( none found...
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    Hermle 340-20

    I have a Hermle 340-20 that I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated & polished pivots. I have repaired several of this type of movements and never had a problem. This movement run slow. About 20 minutes in 24 hours. I have checked for bent pivots and found none bent. I have the floating balance...
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    Cuckoo Snap ring tool for cuckoo clocks

    Hi General, I have an exhalent pair of pliers that I have had for some time. I don't know were I purchased them or how much they cost. The name on the pliers is KNIPLEX, made in Germany.the other markings on the handle is 46 21 AD1. and 3-10mm I hope this is of some help for you. Doc Clock"
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    Cuckoo Herr musical movement driving me CUCKOO!!!

    Thanks Uhrlt, My error. I ment the minute hand.
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    Cuckoo Herr musical movement driving me CUCKOO!!!

    It sounds like the tention spring on the main shaft is broken or weak. When you move the hour hand is it very free. It should have some resistance. What movement does the clock have ? Doc Clock
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    Cuckoo Cuckoo--Cuckoo Clock

    I have been reparing clocks for over 12 years and it never ceases to amaze me how they can come up with new problems. I recondition a 8 day cuckoo clock. It works fine except the cuckoo. When it goes in the warning on the half hour the door opens wide. It does not cuckoo when it gets to the...
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    Cuckoo Cuckoo Clock

    hI Shutterbug, I disassembled the movement to ckeck the tention spring on the minute hand shaft. I found that nothing was wrong with it. I looked for other problems,And found it. The click wheel was in the movement upside down. This caused the gear on the click wheel not to mesh with the gear...
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    Cuckoo Cuckoo Clock

    Hi Sutterbug, You put my nose in the correct direction. Whe I assembled the hands I found that there was no tention on the minute hand. The tention spring has either come loose or broken. I will have to dismantle the movement and look for why there is no tention on the minute hand. Thanks for...
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    Cuckoo Cuckoo Clock

    I have a cuckoo clock with a music box. Movement is a Regula 25-C. I dismantled it,cleaned,assembled two pivot bushings,cleaned the pivot holes in the plates,reassembled,lubricated, and adjusted the music box. I put it on my test stand and set the beat. It runs fine, however it won't cuckoo or...
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