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    1915 Elgin 3/0s movement--too early for a wristwatch?

    Perhaps the movement sat somewhere for years after production and was housed in a case later.
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    Minutes, red ring in the photo, does not match the hour position.

    I bought one of those some years ago with the brand name Alpha on it. Alpha supplies cases and case parts replacements such as hands, backs with windows etc. I don't use mine because without bifocals I can't see the dial clearly and since I had cataract removal surgery I can see very well at...
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    1950's Lord Elgin's

    I forgot to mention that there were some Lord Elgin wrist watches which contained the durabalance movement as well. Some of these were supplied withthe 19j verion.
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    1950's Lord Elgin's

    The BW Raymond railroad approved wrist watch with the 23-j durabalance movement is pretty nice. The balance is free sprung and was a technical advance during the 1950-1960's. The durabalance movement was also supplied in a 19-jewel version.
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    My Early Elgin Wristwatch

    It reminds me of the watches that were assembled from ladies hunting case movements and generic cases where the stem stays in the back of the case and the movement comes out without disturbing the stem. The case is separated and the movement stays in the back of the case. The stem is pulled...
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    brag URGENT Help needed! Identifying 30j Bulova Automatic

    For what it's worth I have an Ambassador with a micro rotor movement, caliber 12EBACD with 30 jewels marked on the movement. It is in what appears to be a stainless steel case marked National Semi, Hong Kong made case. I suspect the original case was solid gold and has been scrapped.
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    brag URGENT Help needed! Identifying 30j Bulova Automatic

    Is the movement a micro rotor automatic? If so, the case should be thinner than the usual automatic. The micro rotor is in the movement not perched on top. Many of these micro rotor movements are marked Ambassador on the dial and have 17 or 30 jewel movements. A look at the movement will...
  8. J

    1970 - 1973 Goldplated Roamer Searock Electronic ETA 9154/MST 619

    I checked out the ESA movement on the Ranfft site and it was also used by Certina, Dugena, Girard-Perregaux, Hamilton, Tissot, and Zodiac. Looks like it was used as widely then as the ETA 2824-2 automatic is today.
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    1970 - 1973 Goldplated Roamer Searock Electronic ETA 9154/MST 619

    The ESA 9154 movement was widely used in several name branded wrist watches: Elgin, Waltham, Bulova Caravelle and Sears Tradition. Swissonic appears on some of the dials. I have 5 of them and all but one are keeping pretty good time.
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    Bag of watches

    I have sorted the contents of the bag and discarded some of the items: lcd watches and bits and pieces of ladies wrist watches. I was able to install new batteries in 3 Timexes and they are running. One of them is an electric model with a balance wheel. There was a Timex mechanical...
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    Bag of watches

    A friend was helping one of his acquaintances who is downsizing with sorting some books and found in the stack a No. 4 of the Shugart and Engle book on American Pocket Watches and mentioned that I was interested in watches and clocks. He asked for the book to pass on to me and she agreed...
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    Question about my 1908 Elgin Wristwatch

    The case looks like those where the bezel pops off the back leaving the movement in the back. When the crown is pulled out the movement can be removed from the case back, leaving the crown and stem in the back. There is a square on the stem which fits into a hole in the movement.
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    Is it my internet connection or something with this site? Happened yesterday and this morning. It is taking several seconds for a post to load to my computer and any pictures take a very long time. I have no problem with other sites I visit: Drudge, Ebay, my e-mail accounts. This is...
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    waltham 21 jewels

    Here's a 6/0D with shock protection, 21j in gold filled case/
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    New Hamilton 38mm Automatic Khaki Field Watch

    Probably has an ETA 2824 movement.
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    waltham 21 jewels

    Probably has a 6/0 movement in one of various versions--6/0 B,C.D . They were used in some square shaped cases like the one in this post, gold filled and solid 14k and in some of the military models. There was one version that has shock protection; I don't remember the version . I will look...
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    What are YOU wearing today? Please share!

    This is one of my favorites, Lord Elgin, 559 cal. 14K case and buckle and the band is an original Elgin, probably pig skin and very soft and comfortable.
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    Leather pocket watch "wristlets"???

    Using one of the 18-size turnips would be like tying a large rock to your arm.
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    Hamilton wrist watch

    The book "Hamilton Wristwatches; A Collector's Guide" by Rene' Rondeau, 1999, published by the author is a very good source for information on Hamilton wristwatches. Grade 901 is not listed in the appendix of movements. Your watch may have a 980 or 982 grade movement; these were introduced in...
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