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  1. Isaac

    Three train fusee

    Beautiful! It always amazes me what people are willing to chuck away. Surely someone could take one quick glance at a clock like that and think of selling it before sending it off to the landfill. Looks like it could be an English movement, perhaps by Elliot. Another contender could be...
  2. Isaac

    My dream chiming clock finally arrived!

    Thanks! Indeed - it was a long hunt for this unicorn but it's all well worth it.
  3. Isaac

    My dream chiming clock finally arrived!

    And of course, a video of the clock chiming and striking. The chime train is a bit run down in the video (wound it up afterwards), so the strike comes a bit early at the end of the 4th quarter. Wonderful bell-like sound from the coiled gongs.
  4. Isaac

    My dream chiming clock finally arrived!

    Hey all, When I first started collecting clocks at 13, I've always wanted to get my hands on a 3 train Winterhalder & Hoffmeier that chimes & strikes on coiled gongs. Unfortunately, a lot of those clocks were too far out of reach in price (and I had tons to yet learn about clocks & repair in...
  5. Isaac

    Junghans 1924

    Very nice job on the clock! It looks great and definitely will have presence in whatever room it resides in. Junghans always made some nice heavy duty movements.
  6. Isaac

    Hac beehive

    Roughly 1910's-1920s, chimeclockfan can tell you more about these clocks.
  7. Isaac

    The newest member of the family, HAC/Mappin & Webb dual chime tambour clock no. 895

    Yes, for the reason that the chime/strike trains will stall out later in the week due to the lack of initial power to get the train moving with the additional load of lifting the hammers at the very start. Allowing the trains to spin up to speed (or close to it) helps the chiming and striking...
  8. Isaac

    The newest member of the family, HAC/Mappin & Webb dual chime tambour clock no. 895

    Very nice! The first time I've seen a Mappin & Web chimer with a Celebrate style movement. An easy way to solve the early hammer lift on the strike for these clocks is to loosen the set screw on the strike lifting lever (your last picture) and moving the lever to the right (away from the...
  9. Isaac

    New Haven Hall Clock - Chapel Chime #1?

    Interesting, looks like a Mauthe movement and chime block. New Haven did have some German companies make movements for them at some points in time (they had a Westminster/Whittington bracket clock with 12 chime and strike rods by W&H). . Mauthe made some good quality movements.
  10. Isaac

    New Haven Hall Clock - Chapel Chime #1?

    That's an interesting clock. I wonder what the movement looks like - I'm only familiar with the "Willcock" chime movement hall clocks by New Haven outside of their regular T&S grandfather clocks,. but yours is different. Would love to see the movement. 1. You can set the time by using your...
  11. Isaac

    Anyone know what clock movement is this?

    The movement is also by New Haven. Looks like an all-original clock (except for the bob)
  12. Isaac

    brag Dufa wall clock. Looking for chimes.

    If I'm understanding you correctly, the movement originally pictured is your friend's clock's original movement with the gong block and rods. The movement you recently pictured as the backup movement came by itself, and you're looking for the same gong block and rod assembly for the spares...
  13. Isaac

    brag Dufa wall clock. Looking for chimes.

    Is one of the gong rods missing? Otherwise like Kevin stated I'm not sure what you're asking.
  14. Isaac

    20th c German Gustav Becker from Ebay

    Very nice clock! Love the dial and the case. A quality clock all around.
  15. Isaac

    20th c German Rare Gustav Becker Weight Driven Grand Sonnerie on 8 Rods

    Very nice and rare example. I don't see a place where I can hear the audio recording, though.
  16. Isaac

    New to me

    If the center spins easy but won't gain any tension, then the mainspring is likely broken (and this could be expensive, as multiple parts can break from an exploded mainspring).
  17. Isaac

    It arrived! A PHS Chime Clock Adventure...

    Here's the clock with adjusted hammers. The back of the clock is closed to give a more realistic video of how the clock sounds:
  18. Isaac

    It arrived! A PHS Chime Clock Adventure...

    Update: Spent a few hours and a lot of elbow grease cleaning and polishing the brass ornamentation on the clock as well as cleaning the case. Revitalized the leather hammer tips to smooth out the sound. Here it is so far.
  19. Isaac

    It arrived! A PHS Chime Clock Adventure...

    And here's a video of it chiming, after getting most of the aforementioned issues straightened out and carefully straightening the coiled gong that was colliding with another coiled gong. One of the chime hammers will need new leather put in, but otherwise it sounds very deep and sonorous for...
  20. Isaac

    It arrived! A PHS Chime Clock Adventure...

    It arrived! It needs some work, but that's to be expected. The unmarked movement is pretty robust, with 2.3mm thick plates with a grain polish. Signs of hand finishing on the plate edges (smoothed over). Lantern pinions throughout all 3 trains. Movement does not feature auto-correction for the...
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