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  1. clockclub


    Hi! Michael, can you add a photo of the reverse side of the dial?
  2. clockclub

    18th century

    chronograph 1 МЧЗ , more rare.
  3. clockclub

    Centre Seconds Watch with Pouzait escapement

    Hi! Help ID watchmaker Philippe Weidmann& Croburg Thank you.
  4. clockclub


    Hi! Please show photo movement, markings, dials. RA - is the accuracy of the adjustment, Avance-Retard. Regards, Igor.
  5. clockclub

    Pavel Buhre' pocket watch

    Thank you! It was very helpful. Regards, Igor.
  6. clockclub

    Pavel Buhre' pocket watch

    Dear Paul! Thank you very much! I have to you one more question, Audemars wholly made movement or use Ebauche? Regards, Igor.
  7. clockclub

    Pavel Buhre' pocket watch

    Hi Indeed, in the early 20 th century, in Rostov-on-Don, was a dealer named Paul Oster, the owner of jewelry factory and shop .. Thanks to his store has sold a lot of wall clock and pocket watches. Do you have photos hours Pavel Bure to the movement Audemars Ls. You can share your archived...
  8. clockclub

    Pavel Buhre' pocket watch

    Hello Maybe it will help you. Is Bure purchased from Audemars watch? In his expensive watch he used Le Coultre. Regards, Igor.
  9. clockclub


    Hi! Interesting case of Omega. These watches have met once, Tavannes Watch. Interestingly, watch were made as a prize, premium or just a sports theme? Size 48 to 49 mm. BR Igor
  10. clockclub

    Interesting website, an excellent collection of pocket watch.
  11. clockclub

    watch information for Arnold Adams railroad timekeeper

    Hi! I believe that this is a common Swiss imitation of the English manufacturer. Here's a link to similar pocket watch, which has exactly the same movement. Fake Tobias. Best regards, Igor.
  12. clockclub

    Please help ID.

    All greetings! Today bought a pocket watch, help find information about the manufacturer. Expect that it produced between 1840-1860 years. Thank you for any information. Best regards, Igor.
  13. clockclub

    Eardley Norton, original or fake?

    Opinions were divided. Perhaps it is a fake. I have two movement to the brand Eardley Norton, one has a verge escapement, the other cylindre escapement. Over the last 3-4 years, I had to repair three more pocket watch with a brand Eardley Norton, all movements were cylindre escapement, and...
  14. clockclub

    Eardley Norton, original or fake?

    Because of the hallmark, and I became suspicious. I have a case pocket watch with exactly the hallmark, but I was not able to idetifitsirovat. Maybe someone know of such hallmark? Best regards, Igor.
  15. clockclub

    Eardley Norton, original or fake?

    Escapement cylindre was invented around 1750 and widely used Eardley Norton. I have seen several similar pocket watch Eardley Norton, and all had escapement cylindre. In this instance in doubt because of Hallmark. Some for me neizvesny. This movement has a chain transfer.
  16. clockclub

    Eardley Norton, original or fake?

    Hi! Recently acquired pocket watch Eardley Norton, cylindre escapements . This is original or fake, how to define? Best regards, Igor.
  17. clockclub

    Please help us to identify the movement.

    Hello m.bredewold! Thank you! Best regards, Igor.
  18. clockclub

    Please help us to identify the movement.

    Hi Michael! Thank you for your correction. Indeed, a letter came to me contained errors. Here's the original text. Sehr geehrter Herr Igor, bei der Durchsicht der Repertorien konnte eine EheschlieЯung zwischen dem Uhrmacher Johann Paul Pfleger und der Witwe Barbara Ostermair im Jahr 1667...
  19. clockclub

    Please help us to identify the movement.

    Michael, I have prepared several similar questions in the archives of Augsburg. Best regards, Igor.
  20. clockclub

    Please help us to identify the movement.

    Hi, Michael! Thank you for your opinion to me very interesting. My assumption was different, I expected that over time he could save up some kapitall, and could sell or let to hire their studio. Expect that he could transfer control to the studio to his heir, the heir may contain father from...
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