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  1. Brian C.

    New collector

    Welcome John.
  2. Brian C.

    Newbie, saying hello

    Welcome Joe.
  3. Brian C.

    Complete Price Guide To Watches?

    I agree 100%. If they don't think pocket watches will do, I'm sure wrist watches won't either.
  4. Brian C.

    How to open this? Possibly gold?

    I use a rubber cup. Cas-Ker has them cheap.
  5. Brian C.

    Nickel Cases

    Thanks onsite
  6. Brian C.

    Nickel Cases

    Thanks Clint
  7. Brian C.

    Nickel Cases

  8. Brian C.

    Nickel Cases

    Yes Tom, that's what I was talking about. Thanks.
  9. Brian C.

    Nickel Cases

    About what year did nickel pocket-watch cases come out?
  10. Brian C.

    Hidden Key 18s Cases

    I've seen many regular key wind cases in my time, but only a few key in case ones.
  11. Brian C.

    Waltham balance staff part numbers

    This is the first time I've seen this catalog, and I've been collecting and repairing watches for over 40 years. Thanks for posting it. If anyone has a good copy of this, e-mail me.
  12. Brian C.

    seth thomas pocket watch

    Great Info, thanks for sharing it.
  13. Brian C.

    seth thomas pocket watch

    Not sure if it has a grade, but it's a model 9.
  14. Brian C.

    Ingersoll and radium

    Anyone that's afraid of these dials, please send your good ones to me.:p
  15. Brian C.

    Help with this 1857 Waltham serial no 14191

    If this is a Waltham Swiss fake, it's the best one I've seen.
  16. Brian C.

    WAtch Paper

    Maybe it was used by volunteer firemen, so they would know where the fire alarm box was pulled.
  17. Brian C.

    WAtch Paper

    I've never seen one of those before.
  18. Brian C.

    Fancy Waltham face.

    Does the back of the dial say, O'Hara Dial Co.?
  19. Brian C.

    Writing new book.

    I think someone already wrote that book.
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