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  1. tomrsey

    The Future of Clock Collecting

    I bought my first clock in 1970. Joined NAWCC A few years later. I loved the mechanical side probably more than the case designs, and, at the urging of my mentor became a state Certified Horologist (as was required by state law at the time). I was part of the Great Lakes Chapter which was...
  2. tomrsey

    Identity help please

    Steven, Cabinet D is what I came up with also. I was so far off guessing what it was. A bit embarrassing. Bruce, a picture of the movement was definitely needed. Luckily, he sent it even before I asked for it. It is good to see all of your family are taking proper precautions! Thanks to...
  3. tomrsey

    Identity help please

    Thanks, Steven, for the links. He just sent a picture of the movement, and it is an Ansonia. The one in the second link you posted looks like it. I will look into Ansonia references and try to go from there. Thanks for your help.
  4. tomrsey

    Identity help please

    A friend sent me a picture of this clock. My collection and reference books are American made clocks. To my eye, not knowing European clocks that well, it seems to be a put together clock. I could be totally wrong, but don’t want to give my friend wrong information. Does anyone recognize...
  5. tomrsey

    Elgin Hulburd research

    pmwas, that's a beauty!!!
  6. tomrsey

    Elgin Hulburd research

    Thanks Ethan, I had not seen the gold version - beautiful. The work on the back of the platinum one is spectacular.
  7. tomrsey

    Elgin Hulburd research

    Thanks, that is 18k gold. There is also a design along the outer edge of the case that doesn't show up in the picture.
  8. tomrsey

    Elgin Hulburd research

    Here is one more for your data.
  9. tomrsey

    How watch collectors start

    Collected clocks....ran out of room!
  10. tomrsey

    Charles Dickens and Sir John Bennett.

    The original store was five or six stories, it is two stories as rebuild in Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford, Dearborn Michigan. It was not too long ago that they refurbished the statues. I have was there to watch part of the re-installation.
  11. tomrsey

    Hampden 104 sr model 2 23j tu-tone

    Thanks Kent!! I missed reading that - not so little - detail! I have the TT 17j model 2, but not the 23j.
  12. tomrsey

    Hampden 104 sr model 2 23j tu-tone

    Serial# 1,091,941
  13. tomrsey

    C.H. Hulburd in Mock "Book" Case

    Ethan, Thanks for the picture of the gold version. Only 7 serial numbers apart. Truly beautiful. What is not shown in either of our pictures is the nice design around the edge of the case.
  14. tomrsey

    C.H. Hulburd in Mock "Book" Case

    I don't have the mock book case, but I am lucky enough to own one of these beautiful watches.
  15. tomrsey

    Watch repair school

    Thanks so much for the info.
  16. tomrsey

    Watch repair school

    I've seen the website. I was looking for someone that has had personal experience. Quality of classes, etc.
  17. tomrsey

    Watch repair school

    Does anyone have any information on "Norwest - VocTech Watch & Clock Repair School" in Seattle, WA?
  18. tomrsey

    Show off your fob/chain.

    This is one of the watch"chains" that is made of human hair. This is the fanciest one I have, but there is also an interesting one that has the names of three women who ? contributed to it? It is worth (my opinion) a click on the picture for a larger image to see the details.
  19. tomrsey

    Grand wilton simon willard tall case

    Thomas Seymour was an outstanding furniture maker, and his work is highly sought after. A small table by him was one of the highest appraised items on Road Show. If only the skill went with the name!!
  20. tomrsey

    Home Made Wooden Clock Market?

    This is the only home made wooden clock I have owned. I think it is beautiful.
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