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  1. J

    Some Kind of French Clock...I think

    Perhaps the case is spelter or pot metal.
  2. J

    HOROLOVAR Flying Pendulum CLOCK Jerome & Co PAT OCT 9th 1883

    Here's a picture of the top of my clock showing the rotating part and the gizmo the string for the ball is attached to.
  3. J

    HOROLOVAR Flying Pendulum CLOCK Jerome & Co PAT OCT 9th 1883

    The keys on my clocks are the same as shown in JeffG's post. It looks like there are some parts missing from Antibet's clock, the rotating rod and attachment for the string and ball are missing.
  4. J

    HOROLOVAR Flying Pendulum CLOCK Jerome & Co PAT OCT 9th 1883

    I have two Ignatz clocks and the key is on the back like an alarm clock. It is directly below the hand setting knob and has a 1 1/2 inch straight rod parallel to the back cover attached to an internally threaded bit that rotates counter clock-wise to wind the main spring. I will try to post a...
  5. J

    Seth Thomas grandfather clock

    it may not run well if it is sitting on carpet. It has been my experience that some grandfathers need a solid surface to sit on.
  6. J

    ...and now for something completely different

    Perhaps the bezel was changed some time in the past. The slot in the case near the 9:00 on the dial indicates to me that there should be a straight piece on the bezel that goes through the slot and some sort of latch attached to the back of the case near the slot which acts as a lock for the...
  7. J

    I'm stumped by who made this movement. Ideas anyone ?

    The company is still in business now and also produces wrist watches according to an internet search.
  8. J

    I'm stumped by who made this movement. Ideas anyone ?

    I never thought of that. I have a Reguladora steeple style clock that I bought from S. LaRose years ago. It has a rack and snail strike I think. I haven't looked at it in a very long time. I think I got it around the time their government changed
  9. J

    I'm stumped by who made this movement. Ideas anyone ?

    There appears to me to be a small wheel with two pins sticking out from it and engaging with the countwheel. The small wheel is on the upper left edge of the count wheel. Could be a Japanese product from the 1920-1930 era.
  10. J

    ...and now for something completely different

    Maybe there was a smaller dial glued on top of the main dial with the hours 13 to 24 on it? There is a Seth Thomas school house short drop octagon which has the remains of dial for 24 hours riveted to the mail dial at my house. Are there screws around the dial plate? Easy enough to remove it...
  11. J

    Looking for LFS Clock Information

    Curious. I see two hammers but only one gong coil.
  12. J

    Black Marble Clock: French or American?

    Are the pin and/or washer missing from the hands?
  13. J

    How to tell if they are electric?

    A center second hand tells me that the gingerbread/kitchen clock has a new quartz replacement movement unless the whole clock is new. Weight-driven clocks will have holes in the dial for winding unless the movement is wound by pulling the weights up using the chains.
  14. J

    What clock got you started on collecting them?

    My Father had wanted a house with a fireplace and a clock to go on the mantle (mantel), so in 1964 we moved into what is known as a B cemesto house in Oak Ridge, TN. We found a kitchen clock at a house in Marble, NC soon after and he bought that. One of my co-worker's husband had become...
  15. J

    Russian Timepiece from Submarine(?)

    The Russian script B translates into Roman alphabet V as in Vostock, if I remember correctly. There were many of these clocks sold in the US in the late 1980's and early 1990's. I think the one I have came from a Bridgestone catalog. I'm sure they were sold by other businesses.
  16. J

    Is this a reproduction Ansonia Capitol?

    Is the dial a Swigart replacement? I can't tell from the picture, but Swigart dials have a stylized EJS printed on them.
  17. J

    Irish National Clock Museum

    I don't know. That was the information on the schedule entry. Might be since there are some references to Waterford there.
  18. J

    Irish National Clock Museum

    While I was checking the television schedule this morning, I saw that PBS is re-running a segment of the series "Ireland with Michael" at 12:30 Eastern Daylight Saving. The episode includes the Irish National Clock Museum. I suspect the part about the Museum will be short since other places...
  19. J

    Quick Wood Question.

    Poplar can be stained to look like a lot of other woods.
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