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    What Camera Do You use

    I am very interested in the above statement. Would you care to identify this camera in some detail? Piecat
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    When the power goes out, what time is it?

    If this situation arises, how are clock makers going to know the correct time, and how are they going to transmit the correct time to other clock owners/makers around the country? Piecat
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    Guidance, please

    Mike - as I'm not equipped to re-do the dial myself, I will leave it as is until I can afford professional assistance. I plan to hunt down a 6" (150mm) bezel and glass on the internet (I still have the intact hinge). The piece of moulding - It would be interesting to figure out a way to produce...
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    Guidance, please

    Hi Harold I'll have to go with your guess then - with nearly 14000 posts your guesses must add up to something! RJ The replication of that lost piece of carving is my dilemma as well. I suggest the only way is sitting in front of a mirror while you are working, and then use the resulting mold...
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    Guidance, please

    This Hamburg American was in the junk bin at our local recycle place - got it for CD4.00. The only thing missing is the bezel and glass. Could someone please try and date it for me with the help of the following photos: Thanks - Piecat
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    Make a Bushing

    Welcome to this board, Eugene, and may you spend many happy hours on your Boley. I am sure you will find the members knowledgeable and very willing to help. Pierre (Piecat) (ex South African, now Canadian)
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    Electric alarm clock - identify

    Are we perhaps looking at this? Made in Japan, age unknown, uses synchronous motor switching neon type NE-2 lamps in 7-segment format. Let me know if you need more info or photos. Piecat
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    Help identify odd spin start mantel clock?

    I have the Gothic shaped bakelite model (sorry, no photos at this stage). The motor is the same as pictured and described earlier, and the dial reads as follows: Made in USA Lincoln Electric Electric Clock Corporation of America, Chicago. (on the coil of the motor is the name...
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    4th of July Clock Giveaway!

    43, please Piecat
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    Let's make a washer

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    Odd Two Pendulum Movement

    My guess is that there was an inter-connection between the two crutches, and the pendulum hung from the "dead" crutch. The purpose of this arrangement was to bring the pendulum to the center of the movement, of which the escapement was uncomfortably on the edge. Piecat
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    Battery or Electric Clock Motor

    Bill Your clock movement is a genuine Kienzle that was made in Germany. The example I have, has at least two jewels that can be seen without dis-assembly. Mine is mounted to a beautiful steel and hammered brass face, and measures 15 inches across. On the face it says: Kienzle Automatic - Swiss...
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    Ingraham clock I.D.

    These are very ordinary kitchen clocks and come in various decorative designs. Not much known about them except that they normally run a bit noisy. No harm will come from proper lubrication, and it just might make it run a bit quieter. The two shown here were both purchased it a thrift store...
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    "War Alarm" clock

    Re: Re: According to "Westclox History" at, Westclox produced a Waralarm in molded wood fiber case. OPA max. price $1.65. Does not bear Westclox name. 7 pounds brass per 1000 clocks instead of normal 300 pounds. Piecat
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    Seth Thomas Sonora - Is it restoreable?

    That's exactly why, as I said in my previous posting: " Also, I'm in no hurry, because I'm working on a million things at the same time - clocks, old radios, old cameras, etc." I just cannot see a good thing going to waste. Our household is running out of space with all the old things I...
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    Seth Thomas Sonora - Is it restoreable?

    Hi Greg Yes, but I'm doing the easy parts first, like thoroughly restoring anything on the clock that is not worn. Also, I'm in no hurry, because I'm working on a million things at the same time - clocks, old radios, old cameras, etc. :thumb: Piecat
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    Seth Thomas Sonora - Is it restoreable?

    Thanks for the encouragement so far. Notwithstanding my 74 postings on this board, I’m still very much a novice, and need to know “how to do it”, in addition to “can it be done?”. If the procedures suggested by Greg, Peter and Tom have been discussed before, I will search for them. My “workshop”...
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    Seth Thomas Sonora - Is it restoreable?

    I have discussed the condition of this clock movement (89 AG) with members in a previous posting. This part comes from the time and strike side of a Seth Thomas Four Rod Sonora. and is representative of most of the parts of this movement. The chime works seem to be in a slightly better condition...
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    Hermle pendulums

    Jeremy Try Acetone - available from your hardware store. Piecat
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    ST Sonora Chime Model Numbers

    I have a ST Sonora Chime movement with the number shown in the picture below. I have seen the three digits in various combinations in old postings, but not this one. If this was a factory mistake, does it make the clock more 'rare and valuable', like mis-stamped money ? :?| There's not...
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